Customer service is a valuable asset to any hospitality business, and one of the most challenging times to offer the best customer service is when a rush comes.  All staff is occupied with a number of tables and tasks, management is doing its best to be everywhere at once.

Although customer service has the potential to suffer during a rush, there’s a solution to help your bar or restaurant staff keep up with a fast-paced setting.  keeping up with the pace is imperative in retaining repeat business, as well as making new customers want to return.  Dinerware offers a software solution to help your hospitality business stay organized and keep operations flowing, no matter how busy the venue is.

Dinerware offers simplified employee training for restaurant software, which streamlines your business operations and decreases wait time for customers between when an order is made and when the food or beverage arrives. Dinerware restaurant software provides the functionality bartenders require in order to stay organized and in control when the bar gets busy.

Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions provides and installs Dinerware POS systems, and offers around-the-clock tech support for these systems.  Pinnacle replaces, installs and services restaurant POS systems and POS for barsPinnacle knows the ins and outs of the hospitality inudstry and stands behind all Dinerware products and services.

By using Dinerware nightclub solution features for bar POS software, bartenders can name tickets uniquely by the patron’s name or a simple visual description. This feature is an asset during rush times or when patrons are mingling and creating a seating chart on the system isn’t an option.

Dinerware bar POS and nightclub POS software turns a drink sale into a simple two-step process.  This decreases customer wait time. Additionally, Dinerware POS for bars makes it easy to ring in additional rounds of drinks for a party in just a few steps. If your venue has multiple bars, Dinerware POS connects the bars and tabs to eliminate confusion.

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