The Best Portable POS System

The Best Portable POS SystemModern chefs are no longer tied to mortar and brick locations; with the explosive popularity of food trucks, pop-up restaurants, and destination catering, culinary excellence has become mobile. With the rise of these on-the-go dining locations has come the need for POS systems that are mobile and portable, while still offering the full-featured functionality that will enable chefs to manage all their restaurant operations with ease. Ideally, a portable POS system should include a complete set of restaurant management features: inventory control, loss prevention, labor management and food cost analysis, and an accounting interface, along with features that enable fast, accurate service. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Dinerware POS has it all, setting itself apart as the best portable POS system on the market with an astonishingly complete array of features that make mobile restaurant management a breeze! Continue reading “The Best Portable POS System” »

Equipment For Opening A Sports Bar

Equipment For Opening A Sports BarCongratulations! You have decided to parlay your passion for sports into a fulfilling career by opening your own sports bar. One of the first steps to opening your own sports bar is assembling all the needed equipment for your establishment. The equipment you choose will be with you for years, and will play a large role in determining the ultimate success of your sports bar. Make sure you take the time to research your items, and choose equipment that is specifically designed to perform well in the highly demanding, fast-paced environment that exists in sports bar. The following guide will help you assemble all the essential equipment for opening a sports bar: Continue reading “Equipment For Opening A Sports Bar” »

Inventory in POSitouch Software

Inventory in POSitouch SoftwareInventory management is more than just an important part of managing a restaurant; proper inventory management is essential for your restaurant’s success. If you are trying to run your restaurant operations using guesswork and suppositions rather than actual facts and figures, your restaurant is headed for trouble. When you estimate the amount of the ingredients you will need, and arbitrarily set meal prices without doing an actual Return on Investment analysis, the amount of food waste and lost profitability you suffer may seem minor, but over time it can severely impact your bottom line. The main reason restaurateurs give for operating by estimation is that inventory management is too difficult or time consuming to figure out, but Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch point of sale software makes accurate inventory management so fast and easy it will become a effortless part of your restaurant’s operation. Continue reading “Inventory in POSitouch Software” »

Training For POS Solutions

Training For POS SolutionsAre you getting the full range of benefits from your restaurant’s POS system? Your point of sale system affects every area of your restaurant’s operation, so when your staff are completely conversant with and trained on all the features your POS offers, your restaurant runs more efficiently and effectively. Sometimes when restaurant owners leave POS training up to their employees, valuable features can be accidently skipped over, essentially costing your restaurant that functionality since no one knows how to utilize it. When you choose a point of sale system from Pinnacle Hospitality Systems, it comes with dynamic, engaging POS training from experienced professionals who will ensure that your entire staff is able to use and confidently operate all the features of your restaurant POS system. Continue reading “Training For POS Solutions” »

Affordable POS Delivery Software

Affordable POS Delivery SoftwareCongratulations on opening your new pizza delivery restaurant! As you begin outfitting your new restaurant, it is important to consider the long-term affordability of the equipment you choose. Just because equipment has a low initial price does not mean it is affordable; if the equipment lacks some of the essential functionality you need, it can end up costing you far more in the long run. A perfect example of this is POS delivery software – a low-priced delivery POS software package with limited, poorly designed features can result in sub-standard service and high ongoing expenses, costing you customers and destroying your profitability. In contrast to these ultimately expensive software packages, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Dinerware POS delivery software is truly affordable: reasonably priced, easy to use, with a full list of features to ensure your profitability for years to come! Continue reading “Affordable POS Delivery Software” »

Best POS Solutions for Fast Dining

Best POS Solutions for Fast DiningFast Dining restaurants operate a little differently than other restaurants. While Fine Dining restaurant owners focus on expanding the variety and quality of their menu offerings, the owners of Fast Dining restaurants are most concerned with speed – they need to deliver fast, efficient service and keep lines moving swiftly if they want to succeed. To keep up with the whirlwind pace of your Fast Dining restaurant, you need a POS solution specifically designed for the Fast Dining environment, with easy to understand software, powerful management features, and targeted functionality that will keep your drive-thru lines moving smoothly. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch Fast Dining POS Solutions and Dinerware POS for Fast Dining have all the features you need, delivering a full list of functionality that distinguishes them as the best POS solutions for Fast Dining on the market today! Continue reading “Best POS Solutions for Fast Dining” »

Cost Of Opening a Frozen Yogurt Shop

Cost Of Opening a Frozen Yogurt ShopCongratulations! Your love of frozen confections has led you to follow your entrepreneurial spirit and open your own frozen yogurt shop. Frozen yogurt shops are some of the more affordable restaurants to open, especially since they can be operated from very small, simple locations. The cost of opening a frozen yogurt shop ranges widely depending on the location and amenities you will offer; prices start as low as about $25,000 for a small kiosk operation to more than $50,000 for a full-sized frozen yogurt restaurant. To give you a better idea of the cost of opening your specific frozen yogurt shop, here is a breakdown of the expenses you will face: Continue reading “Cost Of Opening a Frozen Yogurt Shop” »