Restaurant POS Systems Brands

budget-pos-systemsAre you having a difficult time choosing a POS system for your restaurant? There so many different brands of restaurant POS systems on the market today that finding the one POS system that best suits your needs can seem like an impossible task. After hours spent paging through websites, comparing and contrasting the features of different restaurant POS systems brands and wading through hyperbole, you can end up more confused than when you began. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems takes the hassle out of choosing a restaurant POS system: we offer three of the most versatile restaurant POS systems brands on the market, providing all the relevant information in one place so you can easily make an informed decision. Which of Pinnacle’s restaurant POS systems brands is right for you? Read on to find out! Continue reading “Restaurant POS Systems Brands” »

POSitouch POS: Restaurant POS Software

positouch-pos-restaurant-pos-softwareWhen something is well-designed, it shows in every detail. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch POS, the premier point of sale (POS) system for the hospitality industry, was created to help restaurant owners effortlessly manage every detail of their business operations. Unlike clunky, one-size-fits-all POS systems that bundle in unnecessary features that slow down operations, Pinnacle’s versatile POSitouch POS software is completely customizable to fit your specific restaurant’s needs. Featuring Windows based, open architecture software that is simple to maintain, expand, and use for daily operations, and a full range of robust modules that offer precise functionality, it is easy to see why Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS has become the leader in restaurant POS software! Discover some of the many features that have made Pinnacle’s POSitouch the POS choice of thousands of restaurants: Continue reading “POSitouch POS: Restaurant POS Software” »

Dinerware POS: Restaurant POS Software

dinerware-pos-restaurant-pos-softwareReliable. Flexible. Easy to use. When you are searching for a POS system for your restaurant, these qualities are not just important, they are essential. With Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Dinerware POS, you get responsive restaurant POS software that has the flexibility to meet your service environment’s specific needs, whether you own a fine dining restaurant, nightclub, neighborhood café, or mobile food truck. Pinnacle’s Dinerware restaurant POS software is unique, offering a full-featured functionality that sets it apart from other POS software. Read on to discover what makes Pinnacle’s Dinerware POS so different from other restaurant POS software – and learn why it is the perfect choice for your hospitality business. Continue reading “Dinerware POS: Restaurant POS Software” »

Restaurant Management and POS Software

restaurant-management-and-pos-softwareAre you looking for a way to manage your restaurant more effectively? As a restaurant operator, you make the tough decisions that determine the success of your establishment. It is your responsibility to manage costs, schedule employees, order and track inventory, and oversee all aspects of operations at your restaurant. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Restaurant Management and POS Software is designed to provide detailed, pertinent information, streamlining every aspect of operations while delivering the real-time analytics and actionable information you need to manage your restaurant. With customized packages for every segment of the restaurant industry, Pinnacle ensures that managers of every restaurant type – from fine dining to quick serve, cafés to juice bars – are able to manage more effectively, improving margins as they develop stronger customer relationships. Continue reading “Restaurant Management and POS Software” »

Best Hospitality POS Systems

best-hospitality-pos-systemsFinding the best hospitality point of sale system for your restaurant can be a bewildering and time-consuming task. Many POS companies claim their POS systems are perfect for any type of hospitality business, but at Pinnacle Hospitality Systems, we recognize that different hospitality businesses have different needs. That is why Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS systems are completely customizable, allowing you to choose the specific features you need to manage your particular hospitality business. This advanced versatility sets Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS systems apart, because as experienced restaurateurs know, the best hospitality POS systems are the ones created to their owners’ exact specifications. With a full range of modules to choose from, Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS systems offer all the functionality your hospitality business needs: Continue reading “Best Hospitality POS Systems” »

Restaurant Digital Menu Boards

restaurant-digital-menu-boardsAre old-fashioned paper menus and display boards damaging your restaurant’s profitability? Traditional display boards can only list your food options and prices along with a static picture or two, and paper menus constantly need to be reprinted – every time your prices change, you add extra menu items, or make seasonal changes to your offerings, you face the expense, hassle, and inconvenience of printing new menus. Digital menu boards, which present your food offerings in vivid, brilliant color, can be altered at a moment’s notice, easily accommodating changing menu items and prices. This versatile technology does far more than inform your customers of your food offerings, though; digital menu boards enhance your restaurant’s image, promoting sales of higher-end offerings while providing your patrons with an entertaining and engaging display while they wait to be served. Restaurant digital menu boards offer a bevy of benefits for restaurants of all types: Continue reading “Restaurant Digital Menu Boards” »

New Restaurant Start Up Costs

new-restaurant-startup-costsDo you have the financial fitness to open your dream restaurant? While the much-quoted statistic that 90 percent of restaurants fail in their first year has been proven false, a significant percentage of new restaurants do fail during the first twelve months. For many of the restaurateurs struggling to keep their businesses afloat, the main problem is lack of sufficient operating capital. Problems arise from two basic causes: underestimating new restaurant start-up costs and expecting a new restaurant to show a profit too quickly. To ensure your restaurant venture is successful, you should have enough capital to cover your start up costs plus three to twelve months’ operating expenses. The following list will help you form a realistic estimate of the new restaurant start up costs you will face: Continue reading “New Restaurant Start Up Costs” »