Best Dinerware Pizza Shop System

Best Dinerware Pizza Shop SystemDuring your search for a pizza shop point of sale system, you have undoubtedly come across many POS companies claiming their POS system is perfect for every type of restaurant, with no regard to establishments’ individualized needs. Your pizza shop deserves more than this one-size-fits all approach; that is why Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Dinerware Pizza Shop POS system is carefully customized with the specific features pizza shops need: dynamic delivery features, advanced menu functionality, powerful customer database, and more. Add in Pinnacle’s outstanding technical support, available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it is easy to understand how Pinnacle earned the title of Best Dinerware Pizza Shop System on the market! Pinnacle’s Dinerware Pizza Shop POS System has all the specialized features you need to profitably operate your pizza restaurant, including: Continue reading “Best Dinerware Pizza Shop System” »

Country Club POS Solutions

Country Club POS SolutionsCountry clubs restaurants are more than just eateries where customers come to eat and drink; they are sanctuaries where members come to be refreshed and enjoy the company of their peers. Your members expect to receive the best of everything when they dine at their Clubhouse –the most succulent seafood, delectable cuisine, and refreshing libations, all served by wait staff with impeccable manners and training. To deliver the exceptional service your members deserve, you need a point of sale system specifically designed for country club environments. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ country club POS solutions expertly combine table service features and country club restaurant management capabilities with handheld convenience to give your staff the tools they need to provide consistently superlative service. Continue reading “Country Club POS Solutions” »

POSitouch Help Desk Support Service

POSitouch Help Desk Support ServiceImagine a typical Friday night at your nightclub: it is one in the morning and your establishment is filled with customers ordering food and drink with non-stop enthusiasm. Suddenly, your POS system stops working. If you purchased your point of sale equipment from an average POS company, your nightclub would face significant financial damage, from lost revenue due to missed sales and vanished customers as patrons find other venues, which could seriously threaten your profitability. If you chose Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch POS, you have nothing to fear! Pinnacle’s POSitouch Help Desk Support is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to ensure your POS will quickly be back up and running without a hitch! Continue reading “POSitouch Help Desk Support Service” »

Integrating QuickBooks with Pizza POS Systems

Integrating QuickBooks with Pizza POS SystemsIn order for your pizza shop to become a profitable success, you need to have a firm grasp of the financial aspects of your business. When you use a full-featured Pizza POS system, all the financial information you need to calculate your profitability is stored within your POS system. The challenge lies in effectively using that financial data: you need to access the correct figures, extract the relevant data, and incorporate it into powerful accounting software without making any transcription errors. Those figures need to remain current and viable, updating as needed to provide you with the most current information. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems provides the financial tools you need to improve your pizza shop profitability, seamlessly integrating QuickBooks with pizza POS systems to create complete Pizza Point of Sale Solutions. Continue reading “Integrating QuickBooks with Pizza POS Systems” »

Smoothie Cafes POS System

Smoothie Cafes POS SystemCongratulations on opening a smoothie café! Healthy, locally grown produce and environmental sustainability tops the National Restaurant Association’s list of Hot Food Trends for 2014, making smoothie cafes the perfect solution for entrepreneurs seeking a way to introduce customers to a healthier life style while operating a profitable business. Managing a successful smoothie café requires more than tasty recipes and a love of healthy food choices, though; you also need to have a full-featured smoothie café POS system. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems Dinerware Smoothie Café POS system is specifically designed to help smoothie café owners manage their business profitably, with a full set of dynamic features to help you deliver flawless service and a superior customer experience. Continue reading “Smoothie Cafes POS System” »

Best Mobile POS System

Best Mobile POS SystemMobile POS systems are changing the face of restaurant and bar service across the country, as savvy restaurateurs replace their old-fashioned POS systems with the latest restaurant technology trend. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems Dinerware Mobile POS System offers the latest in mobile point of sale technology, freeing restaurant staff from the need to run back and forth between kitchen, customers, and POS terminals, and helping them to offer fast, efficient service and improved customer care. Pinnacle’s Dinerware mobile POS is the best mobile POS system for restaurants of all types, offering a full list of benefits including: Continue reading “Best Mobile POS System” »

Major Announcement in Restaurant Industry: New Data Breach

Major Announcement in Restaurant Industry: New Data BreachRestaurant chain P. F. Chang’s has confirmed that they were the victim of a data breach recently, during which hackers were able to obtain sensitive information on thousands of their customers. The breach was discovered when thousands of credit and debit cards went up for sale on the black market site best known for selling tens of millions of cards stolen in the Target breach. After several banks identified multiple credit cards that had been previously issued to customers, further investigation revealed that all had been used at P.F. Chang’s locations between the beginning of March 2014 and May 19, 2014. P. F. Chang’s is taking steps to mitigate the damage, shifting all their locations to a manual credit card imprinting system to ensure the safety of their guests’ data. Only time will tell if that switch will be enough to save the restaurant from the type of backlash that cost Target thousands of customers after their data breach last year. Continue reading “Major Announcement in Restaurant Industry: New Data Breach” »