Dinerware POS for Bar and POS for Restaurant Software Streamlines Your Bar Operations

Dinerware has the premier functionality your bartenders require to stay in control when the bar gets busy. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems knows the restaurant, bar and hospitality industry inside out, and for this reason we stand behind all Dinerware products and services we provide for bar POS and beyond.

With Dinerware nightclub solution and bar POS features, employees can name tickets uniquely, either with the customer’s name based on asking, or with a nickname based on what color shirt a patron is wearing. This feature is an asset, especially on busy evenings when patrons are roaming and mingling and a seating chart is non-existant.

Dinerware bar POS and nightclub POS software makes it a quick two-step process to sell a drink, decreasing the time your customers have to wait to receive their drink or pay. In addition, Dinerware POS for bars lets employees ring in another round of drinks for a whole party in a few simple steps. If you have multiple bars set up within your venue, Dinerware POS accomodates to eliminate confusion of operations between your indoor and outdoor bar.

With a system that streamlines your restaurant or bar business, Dinerware goes beyond POS for restaurants and includes your busy bar or nightclub! Because bars and night clubs can fill up quickly with patrons, it is imperative that your bar implements quick-access solutions in order to enhance customer service and give employees and managers the tools they need to keep up with the rush and rapidly ring in orders and close out checks.

One of the prime times when customer service can suffer the most is during a rush. You bar staff’s ability to keep up with a fast-paced nightclub setting is vital to your repeat business and impressions of new customers, and Dinerware has a solution to keep you going with the flow, no matter how fast it may be. 

Employee training is simple with Dinerware, and your business operations will become even simpler by decreasing the amount of time a customer waits during an order.

Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions is a provider, installer and servicer of Dinerware POS systems.  Pinnacle can replace, install, and  service restaurant POS and POS for bar.

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