Pinnacle Hospitality Systems Featured

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems was featured in the Ohio Restaurant Association News on February 1, 2012.  Pinnacle is the premier POSitouch provider for the foodservice markets in Ohio, Florida and Alabama. As a leader in the point of sale systems, Pinnacle understands the many pieces that fit into the profitability puzzle in a restaurant.  Pinnacle understands the value of POSitouch system over the traditional point of sale systems.

Pinnacle looks out for restaurateurs’ needs and offers products that aim to protect restaurateurs’ profits. One of the primary modules for its software is an Enterprise Package called iControl Enterprise Solution. iControl’s smart software integrates seamlessly with a restaurant’s POSitouch POS system to deliver up-to-date, relevant business information that keeps hospitality-based businesses on track and on budget.

Time is money in any industry, and in the fast-paced foodservice industry, it is crucial to free up the time of management and staff in order to allow them to perform their job functions at a higher standard with drastically reduced errors. The strategies provided by using POSitouch POS with iControl places restaurant operators on the fast track to bottom-line savings and future success by implementing transparent business operations that were previously impossible to track. This detailed data allows a successful operator to operate more efficiently and lets them understand where losses are occurring and to predict methods that will curb them in the future.

Pinnacle Hospitably Solutions has been in the business for over 20 years; leading the way for restaurant profitability. If you are a restaurateur and looking to operate more successfully, look no further. Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions offers business solutions to integrate your point of sales system, accounting, credit authorization, online ordering, and inventory in a single easy to use interface that makes daily operations a seamless service from start to finish. For more information, contact Pinnacle at 800-771-7100 today.


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