Slip and Falls Losses

A new study commissioned by Cintas Corporation and conducted by Harris Interactive, found that nearly one in three American adults are unlikely to dine at a restaurant where someone they know had slipped and fallen.

David Collette, director of marketing and strategy for Cintas Foodservice, says slip-and-fall accidents aren’t just costly in terms of losing customers, but they can also potentially be costly in legal expenses. This is especially true for mom and pop restaurants or small chains. If a small restaurant gets sued for a slip and fall it can wipe out all of their profits for a year or more.

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), more than 1 million foodservice customers and 3 million foodservice employees are injured each year after slipping at restaurants. These injuries are costing the food service industry more than $2 billion on slip-and-fall injuries each year.

To protect themselves, Collette says, operators should have a safe floor program in place and commit just as much attention to these types of facilities issues as they would their food.

Unfortunately not all these accidents are really accidents.  There are people out there who make their living filing false claims against business owners like you. The “victim” will slip and fall at your location and claim soft tissue injury looking for a payout.  Pinnacle Hospitality System’s digital surveillance system can help protect you from any fraudulent slip and falls.  With searchable date and time, you can watch, save, and download the video of anything that happens in your restaurant.

As an owner you cannot be everywhere all the time. Pinnacle’s digital surveillance system will also help you analyze your employee’s maintenance and care of the facilities on the back side of the house to prevent employee injury. You do not want one of the 3 million foodservice employees injured yearly to be one of your employees.

ICE Monitor’s Digital Surveillance is the perfect combination of your POSitouch system and Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology. The DVR server provides high-performance digital surveillance features that are linked directly to your POSitouch system and at an affordable price. Cameras can be ceiling, wall or exterior mounted and have a preset zoom and focus that provides sharp, clear video clips.  Protect your customers, employees and your business; contact Pinnacle Hospitality Systems at 800-771-7100 for more information today.

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