Use Your POS System to Connect With Customers

Cheese Burger in Paradise is celebrating the summer with the Concoct a Colada Contest. Fans can go online and enter their own creative twist on the tropical staple for a chance to win an all-inclusive trip to Jamaica.  Each recipe that is submitted will receive an emailed coupon for the next visit so every recipe is a winner.

“Cheeseburger in Paradise is known for unique cocktails with an innovative culinary twist,” says Casey Barile, Cheeseburger in Paradise director of marketing. “We want to see what our fans would do if they could make their own version of our popular pina colada drinks. This is a fun way for them to show us something new and different.”

Four coladas will be selected from the entries and placed on a special insert during the month of August; customers can order a finalist and vote using the “text the winner” code or visit the website. The recipe that receives the most votes in the restaurants and on the website will be the winner.

All four finalists will be invited to a Recipe Reveal party in the beginning of August for them and 10 of their friends to try their recipe along with awesome food.  The runner ups will receive a Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Machine drink prize pack and a $100 Ticket to Paradise for Cheeseburger in Paradise. The winner’s pina colada will added to the Cheeseburger in Paradise menu and they will receive an all-inclusive trip for two to Jamaica to stay at a beautiful resort and visit the Appleton Estate Distillery.

How are you connecting with customers and creating interest in your restaurant this summer?  Let Pinnacle Hospitality System show you how to connect with your customers. With Pinnacle’s Sundrop’s mobile loyalty solution you can easily create a card less loyalty program using your customer’s mobile numbers gathered at the food service point of sale. Sundrop allows you to market to these customers with targeted SMS text, email, voice, and social media communications while fully measuring the ROI of every campaign. Because Sundrop’s mobile loyalty solution is POS-integrated, the system can track a wide variety of statistics that are important to making sound marketing decisions. Sundrop’s Insights Dashboard distills this mountain of data into easy-to-understand, actionable charts.

With this card-less loyalty solution, you simply collect customer mobile numbers at the point of sale. The automated customer registration process does the rest! Operationally, your only task is to invite customers to join your loyalty program by entering their 10-digit mobile numbers into your POS and to validate coupons as they are presented.  Pinnacle’s Sundrop’s mobile loyalty solution immediately sends an SMS text to new members asking them to reply with their email address, which starts the customer along the automated registration process.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is a leader in the restaurant business software industry. Contact us today at 1-200-771-7100 for more information on how Pinnacle’s Sundrop mobile loyalty solution can help you connect with your customers this summer.

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