Have a Stress-Free Thanksgiving Day with Pinnacle’s Restaurant Software Solutions

Where will your customers be for Thanksgiving? With a little menu adjustment, they could be spending the holiday with you! An estimated 14 million Americans enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant last year, according to the National Restaurant Association, and NRA officials expect the trend to continue. Another 16 million are expected to use restaurant-prepared take-out items as part or all of their Thanksgiving Day feast.

While the Thanksgiving feast is traditionally a celebration of home cooking, dining in restaurants or bringing in take-out is becoming more prevalent. Consumers are looking at the holiday as not being about where they eat, but about quality time spent with family and friends. The time that used to be spent cooking and cleaning can now be spent relaxing and socializing.

The increasing consumer appetite for restaurant meals on the holidays is translating to big sales for restaurants; many are finding that Thanksgiving is their largest sale day of the year. In addition to sit-down holiday menus and take-out meals and side dishes, some establishments are finding new ways to capture the holiday market. Home cooks who prepare their own meal but want something to set their feast apart are great customers for recipes that incorporate take-out as ingredients for dishes such as stuffing and gravy.

Restaurants that use Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’  point of sale software systems find it simple to offer holiday menus to their customers. With Pinnacle’s POSitouch and Dinerware , your restaurant can easily add Thanksgiving menu items on the fly, along with quantity count down. Menu items can have suggested wines listed to complement the meal, helping holiday diners to complete their feast.

With reservation and seating system integration compatibility, Pinnacle’s point of sale software for restaurants keeps your dining room traffic flowing smoothly, even during holiday rushes. Pinnacle offers a Dining Room Management module that allows you to design a restaurant layout and immediately know the status of your various tabletops with the touch of a screen. Large family and friend groupings for holiday dinners often require multiple checks- no problem! Pinnacle’s  POSitouch point of sale system lets servers separate checks at any time in the order cycle merely by touching an item and dropping it onto another check.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has the restaurant software solution your establishment needs to handle the holiday rush and improve your service all year round. Pinnacle’s POSitouch is the premier point of sale computer software for the hospitality industry. Used in thousands of businesses around the United States, the Windows based, open architecture software is simple to maintain, expand, and use for daily operations. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 for more information on how Pinnacle Hospitality Systems can help you improve your business.


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