Holiday Retail Theft Prevention Systems

Are employee Grinches stealing your holiday profits? Employee retail theft is always a problem in restaurants, and the bustle of holiday crowds can make it even easier for workers to pad their wallets. The National Restaurant Association estimates that 75% of inventory shortages are due to employee theft – approximately 4% of your total sales. Most restaurant and bar thefts are crimes of opportunity, but the right retail theft prevention system can eliminate the openings that thieves exploit. Here are just a few of the ways Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ restaurant and nightclub management software can help you stop losses from occurring.

Food costs can increase from employee thefts in several ways: employees may be providing free drinks and food in exchange for larger tips, under ringing sales, or eating without ringing up the meal. Comparing physical inventory to point of sale usage with the Inventory Tracking Module of Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS system will show you any discrepancies, and time and attendance management lets you correlate losses to workers on each shift to determine who is responsible for the shortage. With iControl Pinnacle can integrate your POS system so management receives special management alerts for things such as voids, comps, discounts, and so forth to pinpoint precisely where losses are coming from and to implement employee accountability.

The best security, of course, will let you see how money and transactions are handled at your establishment when you are not there. ICE Monitor’s Digital Surveillance is the perfect combination of Pinnacle’s POSitouch point of sale computer software and Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology. The DVR server provides high-performance digital surveillance features linked directly to Pinnacle’s POSitouch restaurant management software. Preset zoom and focus provides sharp, clear video clips from cameras that can be ceiling, wall or exterior mounted. You can watch behind- bar operations from anywhere; Pinnacle’s DVR server allows direct and secure access to multi-channel video from anywhere with internet access using a computer or mobile device.

In addition to protecting your business from holiday humbugs stealing your profits, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems improves your bottom line by streamlining your business with proven computer hardware and software designed for the hospitality industry. No matter what type or size restaurant you own, Pinnacle has the unmatched business consulting and accounting resources to provide you with the perfect restaurant solution for managing your establishment. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 so we can help you keep your holiday cheer all year long!

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