How to Get Yelp Reviews – Improve your Online Reputation

Are you leveraging your Yelp reviews to attract new customers? User-based review forums like Yelp, Zagat, and Urbanspoon are proving to have an incredible influence on customers’ dining choices. According to a study published in the Economic Journal, as little as a half-star difference in a restaurant’s average rating on Yelp has an immense impact on its nightly reservations. The economists compared 300 San Francisco restaurants, finding that an extra half-star rating caused restaurants to sell-out 49% more frequently. Here are some tips on how to maximize your profile on Yelp and other review sites:

  1. Check out your competition Look through your direct competition’s profiles, comparing the best-reviewed businesses and the ones with 3 or less stars. Try to pinpoint what causes your local market to leave glowing reviews.
  2. Complete your business’ profile A fully featured profile attracts more guests! Be sure to link to your website and menu.
  3. Say “cheese” Too many businesses have no photos, or poorly lit shots uploaded by visitors. A strong photo gallery is a great opportunity to make your restaurant stand out! A shot of the front of your business will help customers find you; posting photos of your mouthwatering dishes will bring in the crowds.
  4. Respond to reviews Thank customers for their input, good or bad. Never blast a customer for a bad review; instead explain steps you are taking to fix or improve areas of complaint, and invite them to return for a better experience. Since users can update their reviews, you can mitigate the damage caused by a less than glowing review.
  5. Use the reviews to your advantage Reviews can be useful in many ways. You can feature positive reviews on your website (citing the reviewer’s first name) and promotional material; negative reviews can be constructive by pointing out areas you need to improve.
  6. Consider paid advertising While you can find great success leveraging the free exposure offered by user review sites, you have the option of purchasing advertising placements. See what other tools the sites offer; on Yelp you can run a “Yelp Deal,” to offer coupons to your audience. Take advantage of Yelp metrics to time your deals for maximum impact.
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