Restaurants Going Gluten-Free

With over 3 million Americans who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and more than 18 million Americans who suffer from gluten-sensitivity all searching for gluten-free dining options, many independent and chain restaurants are adding to their menu choices to meet the demand. In our last blog we discussed the benefits and requirements involved in offering a gluten-free menu at your restaurant. If your restaurant is stepping up to the challenge, you have done your research, learned to prepare gluten-free items safely, and you are ready to offer your new menu items. Now, how do you help the gluten-free community find you? We have a few suggestions!

There are several  apps, websites and programs designed to connect restaurants with gluten-free customers. List with one or more to let gluten-free customers know you are ready to serve them:

  • The Find Me Gluten Free app and website is helping restaurants connect with the gluten-free community across the country. Users search by location to find dining options that meet their dietary needs, with a five-star system that allows them to share photos, ratings, and reviews with other gluten free diners. For a fee, Find Me Gluten Free gives you the ability to list your location as the #1 spot within a 10, 15, 20, or 25-mile radius of the searchers’ locations. They also offer the ability to add a promotion to your listing, which you can change daily.
  • The Gluten Free Registry app and website features an interactive map, community-driven reviews and ratings, and an events calendar. They feature a gluten-free friendly database of 29,500+ locations around the world. There is no charge for a basic listing, or you can list as “featured” for a price. There is a nominal charge for the app.
  • Allergy Eats! showcases restaurants that provide allergy friendly menus of all types – not just gluten-free, with their app and website. Currently in its beta stage, the site lets restaurants list their business, include their logo and additional information, all at no charge. They will also link to your website. The site features a blog that addresses food-allergy needs, and accepts advertising for the blog pages as well as the listing pages.

Once your new gluten-free menu brings in new customers, make sure you keep them satisfied by using Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ best POS software for restaurants! Pinnacle’s POSitouch point of sale system provides you with the flexibility to add specials with ease. With data analysis available in POSitouch, you can compile data to determine how successful your new gluten-free offerings are. You can query the database for item sales from the current day through a simple user program button, by major category, cost center, and user. The results may be displayed on screen or sent to a POS printer.

Pinnacle’s POSitouch restaurant solution offers recipe creation where you can track all of the items that are needed to create each of your gluten-free items, allowing you to manage purchase and usage of those materials. This versatile restaurant software system will even generate purchase orders automatically for you. Create purchase orders based on minimum inventory level order points. Purchase order creation allows you to automatically track the items that have been delivered or were backordered quickly and easily. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 for more information on how Pinnacle Hospitality Systems and the POSitouch system are your best restaurant software solutions!

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