Digital Signage in Your Restaurant

Is it time for you to use digital signage in your restaurant? Electronic signage has been used by restaurants for years, enticing diners with eye-catching images of delicious foods. Until recently, this technology was primarily employed by quick-serve and pizza restaurants. As the widespread popularity of sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook lead today’s customers to become more visually oriented, smart full-service restaurants are embracing digital signage to capture customers’ interest. Instead of using overhead digital menu boards, full service restaurants are placing their digital signs strategically in their waiting areas, lobbies, and bars.

Digital signage is a fun and engaging way to increase sales in your restaurant. Diners love to know the story behind the food – you can motivate sales by showing them where your ingredients come from and how your dishes are prepared. By introducing customers to new dishes, combination meals, and specials with electronic signage, you can overcome any hesitance they may have about ordering unfamiliar items. Full-color images of your high-margin items in all their mouthwatering glory whet your customers’ appetites, leading to higher ticket averages.

Table turnover is a key component of the profitability of fine dining restaurants. Electronic menu boards provide you the opportunity to list all your menu offerings, so customers can peruse the list before they are seated. Giving diners this extra time to consider their food choices can speed service times and increase table turnovers. Every successful restaurant occasionally experiences long customer wait times; perhaps the largest advantage digital signage offers is overall customer contentment from decreased perceived wait time.

Experience these benefits at your restaurant with digital signage from Pinnacle Hospitality System! ElectroMenu ™ will delight you with its ease-of-use and versatility as it gives you the ability to change featured items and promote daily specials with just the push of a button. The vivid, animated, high-resolution display of Pinnacle’s electronic menu boards is the ideal way to increase your sales and keep your customers entertained and content.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is your complete business solution with professional services including consultation, menu design, professional installation, and 24/7/365 POS tech support. We specialize in digital and electronic menu boards and POS systems for restaurants of all types. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 and let us show you how to engage your customers while increasing your sales!

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