Dinerware Catering POS System

Are you looking for a way to raise your restaurant’s sales? Dinerware Catering POS systems can pump up your profits by adding catering services to your list of services! If you are fortunate enough to have space for a private dining room or meeting room, you are perfectly poised to offer on-site catering; in a more restricted location, off-site catering is the way to go. Either way, catering offers triple benefits: you increase revenue, introduce new customers to your cuisine, and generate great word-of-mouth advertising!

Your access to wait staff makes offering serving service a natural – just be very careful to keep schedules separate but coordinated. Maintaining a list of servers who just work catering jobs will help ensure that your restaurant service does not suffer. You will need to design a menu specifically for catering, as in-house specialties that are delectable when served fresh and piping hot may not be as appetizing hours later. Create special menus for holidays, such as Christmas and Passover, as well as menus suited for particular events.

Tania’s Table in North Miami Beach is a shining example of how to balance the demands of running a restaurant with a catering service. In addition to delighting diners in their open-kitchen restaurant location, Chef Tania and her daughter Ilana cater cities up and down the South Florida coast. They rely on Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Dinerware POS to keep all aspects of their business running smoothly. Dinerware’s intuitive menu handling lets Chef Tania change menu items on the fly, making it easy for her to offer different weekly and catering menus.

Chef Tania’s succulent oven-braised brisket is in high-demand for catered affairs; the powerful database provided by Pinnacle’s restaurant POS makes certain that repeat customers have it served to their taste, whether they prefer it with the rich cranberry and portobello sauce, sun dried tomato and balsamic glaze, red wine and mushroom, or unique coffee bbq sauce.

The complete restaurant software system offered by Dinerware keeps track of all the financial information involved in running both a restaurant and catering business with QuickBooks accounting interface technology. With QuickBooks, it is simple to monitor performance to gain business insights; one simple click will generate reports for your inquiries. Dinerware point of sale system allows you to create budgets and get real-time snapshots of your business in one central location with the Company Snapshot. Managing the increased staff catering requires is a cinch with QuickBooks! Payroll, payroll taxes, and direct deposit are available through QuickBooks. For servers you only need occasionally, you can also populate and print 1099s for federal filing and independent contractors.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Dinerware makes it easy to add catering services to take your business to the next level. Whatever type or size restaurant you own, Pinnacle has the restaurant software solutions to help you increase your profits and keep your business operating smoothly. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 and talk to our hospitality experts for more information about raising your restaurant sales!

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