Inexpensive Restaurant Software

Building a successful restaurant requires a strict attention to detail and a constant awareness of your bottom line. One of the leading causes of restaurant failure is undercapitalization; to avoid this pitfall, a restaurant owner needs to cut costs in every area possible without sacrificing quality. One area where restaurants owners waste money is with expensive or poorly designed point of sale systems. To control your costs while managing your restaurant efficiently, you need full featured, inexpensive restaurant software – and Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Dinerware is the perfect solution!

Pinnacle’s Dinerware POS provides an easy-to-use, cost efficient system that employs the latest technology to put you in control of your hospitality business. With a simple user interface designed by a seasoned restaurateur, Dinerware offers quick and effortless maintenance and customization to reduce the cost of ownership. While designed to work well on a single inexpensive computer, Dinerware’s powerful, streamlined POS system can be scaled to handle a virtually unlimited number of terminals.

A restaurant needs to serve as many customers as possible to remain profitable. Dinerware increases table turnover by reducing serving and check out times. The unique All Tickets View avoids service slow-downs by letting servers combine forces, work each other tickets, and easily split tickets to accept multiple payments. Your checkouts will be quick and easy with the Fast Pay Mode of this versatile POS for restaurants, which closes tickets at the time payment is taken, and features integrated credit card processing via the internet.


Pinnacle provides the best POS tech support in the industry to ensure that your business does not suffer financially because of technical issues. We offer Full Service live help desk support as well as Technical Support to all of our customers 24/7/365 so that we can be available when you need us the most! Should you ever have a problem with any hardware components of your Pinnacle Hospitality System, a Pinnacle field service technical support technician is available to immediately come to your aid. Our technicians use online diagnostic tools to determine the problem and come equipped with additional monitors and hardware in case you need replacements.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems goes the extra mile to help ensure the profitability of your business. With our robust, versatile point of sale software and top-of-the-line tech support, Pinnacle has the restaurant software solutions to help you increase your profits and keep your business operating smoothly. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 to find out all the ways Pinnacle Hospitality Systems and Dinerware can help your business to great success.

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