Mobile Marketing Your Restaurant

Smartphones are everywhere these days – in fact, over half of mobile subscribers own smartphones. According to a Nielsen survey, 30 percent of smartphone users rely on their devices to guide their restaurant decisions. Are you taking advantage of this vast marketing opportunity? If your answer is no, you are wasting an excellent opportunity to grow your business! To help you reach these potential customers, we offer these tips on mobile marketing your restaurant:

  1. Make your website mobile-friendly Your website looks fantastic on a laptop, but it may leave smartphone users facing a jumbled mess. Test and make sure your site works well on different devices and platforms. The information most searched by mobile users – hours, locations, and directions – should be front and center so it can be found without scrolling through pages.
  2. Connect with customers Socially active customers have Facebook or Twitter apps loaded on their smartphones – encourage them to connect with you in the social media sphere with signs or posters. Expand your company’s visibility by giving customers fun reasons to like and follow you.
  3. Reward loyalty One of the best ways to incentivize your diners to become frequent guests is with a mobile loyalty program. Customers appreciate the convenience of rewards for repeat visits without the hassle of paper or plastic cards.
  4. Claim your name and request reviews Diners are increasingly using review sites like Zagat, Yelp!, and Urbanspoon. Claim your business on these sites and respond to reviews. Post a sign encouraging your diners to share what they love about your restaurant.
  5. Use location-based apps Market your restaurant directly to customers with location-based apps such as Foursquare, Facebook Places, and Gowalla. Use special offers to encourage customers to check in often.

Start your mobile marketing today with Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POS systems, seamlessly integrated with MercuryLoyalty. Embedded in Mercury’s integrated payment technology and the MercuryGift™ gift card program, MercuryLoyalty combines with Pinnacle’s restaurant software to give you an all-in-one mobile marketing solution. You can enroll new customers, target the right customers with the right incentives, validate coupon codes, and much more from the first moment of activation.

Connecting with your customers through Facebook and Twitter is a breeze with Pinnacle’s POS for restaurants featuring social media integration. You can track the results of your marketing efforts and increase your ROI using MercuryLoyalty’s intuitive campaign analysis. See how dramatically your bottom line improves when you have Pinnacle to help you identify, reward and keep your best customers. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 and reap the benefits of Pinnacle’s mobile marketing software for your restaurant!

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