Pizza Shops with Digital Menu Boards

Pizza shops across the country are increasing their profits by using digital menu boards….when are you going to join them? Every time you change a menu item and have to reprint your menu, or have the expense of having your menu boards redesigned and reprinted, you are throwing away money! Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ digital menu boards lets restaurants make changes instantly, at any time – to one or all of their locations at the same time, from office or home. The remote management system ensures 100 percent compliance with all of their locations. Pizza shops with digital menu boards can try out new items, run specials, and even remove a topping temporarily if they are running low. They can use dayparting to map out scheduled advertisements for the day, week, holidays, and special events – this month, pizzerias are using it to make sure their customers know about Super Bowl specials.

A digital menu board would be a real asset for your pizza shop – when you use Pinnacle’s electronic menu boards, you gain an on-demand marketing tool that upsells and cross-sells your menu items automatically. No more relying on cashiers to remind customers to add garlic knots or sodas to their order when you can entice customers to purchase selected menu items by means of a vivid, animated, high resolution display of your food offerings. ElectroMenu ™ has been proven to increase walk-in purchases by 10% or more, while keeping customers happy by decreasing perceived wait time.

With very little training, employees can easily make changes and updates to Pinnacle’s electronic restaurant menu boards. These digital menus do not require Windows to install; you do not have to worry about hackers, crashes, or updates! There is almost zero maintenance required to keep the menus up and running. New menu labeling laws for restaurants makes this the perfect time to upgrade to digital menus. You can keep in compliance while enhancing the look and feel of your restaurant.

Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions specializes in digital and electronic menu boards, point of sale solutions, and offers professional services including consultation, menu design and professional installation. Whether you have a pizza shop, quick-serve restaurant, or drive-thru restaurant, Pinnacle’s electronic menu boards will cut your operating costs, increase customer interest, and sell more of your delicious food. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 to bring your pizzeria into the 21st century by upgrading to Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ digital menu boards!

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