POS Systems for Events

While crowded dance floors used to be the only choice for celebrants searching for a way to celebrate a unique event, establishments have started to offer different fare. Family celebrations that take place during the day have been popping up across the country, along with ethnic festivities and non-traditional events. If you are looking for something a little different, we have a couple of suggestions:

Hosting an event is usually stressful on any business owner and having the right POS system for events  could make all the difference. Things to consider: Is your restaurant or venue equipped to handle several transactions quickly by wait staff who aren’t receiving regular tips as they are being tipped at the end of the night, instead of on each order of food or drinks? Does your POS system for events allow for separate smaller transactions in the middle of an event just in case a partygoer wants to order something special like an expensive bottle of champagne or a specialty plate outside the pre-planned menu items?
Wait staff will be rushed to serve multiple guests all at the same time and an outage or slow POS system in your restaurant or venue could mean the loss of your next event customer. You should always consider hiring extra staff during a special event as prices on food and drink are usually higher than normal and expectations are just as high. Pinnacle offers a variety of POS systems to help any special event run smoothly. Whether you are offering open bar, individual checks, or just experienced a high-volume Saturday night. Pinnacle has a POS system that can work for your individual businesses needs.

Both Enzian Theater and WorkPlay Comedy Club count on Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POS point of sale systems to keep their businesses running smoothly and efficiently. Pinnacle’s POSitouch computer software for restaurants is a Windows based, open architecture software that is simple to maintain, expand, and use for daily operations. Pinnacle’s POS software provides an easy-to-use, cost efficient system that will put you in control of your hospitality business. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 for more information on how Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ top restaurant software can help your business host special events with ease!

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