10 Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales

Are you looking for ways to grow your restaurant? No matter how successful a restaurant is, there is always room for an upsurge in transactions. Here are Pinnacle’s top 10 ways to increase restaurant sales:

1.    Keep it social Use Facebook, Twitter, and other social media to increase your restaurant’s visibility. Post specials, upcoming events, and create contests for a surge in customer traffic.

2.   Freshen up your menu An outdated or boring menu lowers the perceived value of your restaurant. Turn your menu into your top merchandising tool by adding enticing descriptions and pictures.

3.   Create a signature beverage or dish Concocting a treat that customers love and can only find at your restaurant will turn your establishment into a must-go destination!

4.   Upsell with specific food and beverage pairings Experiment to find ideal food and beverage pairings that your servers can suggest to upsell diners. Do it well and you will not only increase the size of checks, you will also enhance your restaurant’s reputation for providing the perfect meal.

5.   Host events Bring in live music, hold wine and food tastings, and host meet and greets, community and business gatherings, and other events.

6.  Personalize your service Create a database of customers’ favorite beverages, dishes, and special occasions; make sure that your servers consult it for each visit. Customers feel welcomed and appreciated when their tastes are remembered; personalized service will turn your restaurant into “their restaurant”.

7.   Reward loyal customers Show your appreciation for your repeat customers and make sure they return often by using a loyalty reward program.

Increase Sales


8.   Add delivery / take-out and catering services By adding these services, you will effectively increase your restaurant without physically expanding your location. Catering is a true win-win situation – you are paid to introduce potential customers to your delicious food!

9.   Leverage reviews to your advantage Claim your restaurant on review sites (i.e. Yelp!, Zagat, etc.) Provide a full description, post appealing photos, respond politely to all reviews, and act on customer suggestions.

10.   Give back There are so many ways to get involved and give back to your local neighborhood! Sponsor a local children’s kids’ sports team, feed Habitat for Humanity workers for a day, form a team to join a walk-a-thon… you are certain to find some activities that fit your time and budget constraints. Support your community and your neighbors will support you!

Now that you have these tips, it is time to apply them – and Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is here to help you! Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS has all the features you need to increase sales: an intuitive customer database to personalize service; modules to effortlessly add delivery and catering services; restaurant menu software that makes changing and updating your menu a breeze; and a robust reporting module to track the success of your new menu items and food pairings. POSiloyalty, the POSitouch Loyalty Program makes it easy to reward faithful diners. Pinnacle’s POS for restaurants seamlessly integrates with MercuryGift™ gift card program and MercuryLoyalty to give you an all-in-one mobile marketing solution that helps you effortlessly reach your customers through Facebook, Twitter, and texts. Contact Pinnacle at 1-800-771-7100 to start increasing your restaurant sales and improving our bottom line!

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