Top Restaurant Software for Late Night Use

The celebrants who ushered in the New Year this week headed home in the early a.m. hours – many of them hungry and looking for a quick bite before bed! Owners of restaurants with late or all night operation reaped the benefits of satisfying these ravenous revelers – were you one of them? Diners are keeping later hours all year long, as Americans’ working habits have changed. More people are working from home, juggling multiple jobs, or are pursuing continuing education. The result is a growing trend of quick serve restaurants staying open longer.

Are you ready to open your restaurant to the late night crowd? If you use Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ top restaurant software, you are! Pinnacle’s POSitouch has a fully integrated, world-class enterprise offering with data analysis so you can compile data – even from multiple stores – to determine which late night items are selling best and returning the greatest profits. With the Time and Attendance module of Pinnacle’s point of sale software systems, you can easily create and track scheduling for your new hours, based on sale forecasts, and control and track labor cost with labor management.

Pinnacle’s POSitouch quick serve POS is a robust, scalable solution that increases your ROI by making your restaurant run more efficiently. The intuitive color touch screen quickly guides users through the menu, and an optional split screen allows you to expedite the packing process. The display prioritizes main items and modifiers, features optional item consolidation, and offers real time “on the fly”, one touch delay, one item delay and upon order confirmation options. You can even project what products will be ordered based on past experience with Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS systems!

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has a wealth of options to automate your business and increase your profit margins, with turn-key solutions for managing restaurants of every type. From system design to installation and training, Pinnacle will guide you through the entire implementation process and provide you with top notch, full service customer support to ensure seamless operations. You will love how smoothly your business operates round the clock after Pinnacle integrates your point-of-sale, accounting, and inventory in a single easy to use interface. Contact Pinnacle today or call us at 1-800-771-7100 – and start serving those night owls!

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