Opening a Restaurant Checklist

Opening a new restaurant is an exciting but hectic process – one that requires planning, perseverance, and a strict attention to detail. Many critical tasks need to be accomplished prior to opening day. To help ensure your opening goes smoothly, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems offers this Opening a Restaurant Checklist:

  1.  Formalize and register your company Decide which company structure is best for you - a limited liability company, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship, and register with the state.
  2. Obtain licenses and permits Typically a restaurant needs a general business license, food service establishment permit, food safety permit, and an alcohol beverage license. If you are opening a food truck, you will also need permits for the cities and counties where you operate.
  3. Establish banking Open business account, payroll account, credit card deposit acct’s, lines of credit, etc.
  4. Become insured Make sure you have coverage for all possible areas of exposure – obtain property, general liability, liquor liability, and Workers’ Compensation insurance.
  5. Set up vendors Establish credit and schedule deliveries
  6. Market your restaurant  Start marketing your restaurant well in advance of  opening day – advertise in local phone books, use direct mail, deliver menus to businesses and offices in the area, and contact local newspapers and radio stations about running a story that features your business
  7. Finalize your menus Create lunch, dinner, delivery, and drink menus with prices; figure menu cost and portion guide; standardize your recipes so your dishes can be consistently recreated
  8. Establish procedures and manuals Create employee manuals that clearly define chain of command, dress code, duties, pre-shift and closing procedures, etc.
  9. Hire and train your staff Hire a full staff, file all “new hire” paperwork (tax forms, etc.), train them well, and have their schedules set before opening. Do a dry run or “soft opening” the week before you open.
  10. Choose Pinnacle for your POS system. Pinnacle’s flexible Restaurant POS Systems can make every aspect of your business easier!

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ point of sale systems are designed to make daily operations effortless for all types of restaurants, with Windows based, open architecture software that is simple to maintain, expand, and use for daily operations. Pinnacle’s restaurant business software offers the flexibility to grow with your business, working on a single inexpensive computer while having the ability to handle a virtually unlimited number of terminals. With easy-to-use, cost efficient computer based POS systems that provide unprecedented performance, speed and reliability, Pinnacle will put you firmly in control of your hospitality business for years to come. Contact Pinnacle at 1-800-771-7100 for more information on how Pinnacle can help your business get off to a bright start!

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