Restaurant Equipment and Supplies Port St. Lucie

Welcome to the balmy beauty of Port St. Lucie, a sport aficionado’s haven nestled on the southeast coast of Florida! Golf enthusiasts need no introduction to this gem of a town, home of the PGA Golf Club, which is widely recognized as one of the best golf courses in North America. Every February, Major League Baseball migrates to this quaint town as the New York Mets return to their Spring Training home, bringing with them an influx of sport lovers. Locals and visitors alike enjoy the benefits of the thriving restaurant community that has sprung up over the years, and Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is proud to be a part of this tradition by providing the restaurant equipment and supplies Port St. Lucie restaurants can rely on.

Pinnacle has outfitted countless hospitality businesses in Port St. Lucie such as Rusano’s Pizza and the St. Lucie Draft House, combining hardware, software, and services to create turnkey solutions that best match each establishment’s individual needs. Our dedicated team first guides owners through the entire implementation process, then offers ongoing, local full service customer support to ensure worry-free operations. Pinnacle’s customized approach and wide range of POS systems ensures the perfect point of sale solution for every budget size and every business, whether they are a fine dining, casual dining, nightclub, sports bar, or other type of hospitality business.

Pinnacle has three full-featured restaurant POS Port St. Lucie owners can choose as part of their customized solution:

  • POSitouch POS – exceptionally versatile, with a wide range of available management functions such as Time and Attendance, Teppan Table Management, and robust Reporting Modules, Security/Loss Prevention, and Wireless and Enterprise Solutions to meet a restaurant’s every need
  • Dinerware POS – a leader in the hospitality industry that gives access to all management functions from any terminal, allowing users to get a report, edit an employee timesheet, change a price, or create a new happy hour in seconds, without leaving the floor
  • Calypso POS – featuring simple department driven menu screens, flexible order routing, and time management and payroll functionality, Calypso is an affordable and easy to learn system that drastically reduces training time

To provide all the restaurant equipment and supplies Port St. Lucie hospitality businesses need, Pinnacle also offers:

  • iControl Video Surveillance – affordably priced loss prevention technology that seamlessly integrates Pinnacle’s POSitouch system and Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology to create a complete digital record
  • POS system supplies – including printer paper, printer ink, magnetic card reader cleaning kits, and more.

St. Lucie Draft House’s customized solution includes Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS system. One of the features of Pinnacle’s POSitouch that has helped the Draft House’s profitability the most is its fast transaction speed – fastest in the industry – of just two key strokes to order an item and cash out the check. Pinnacle’s POSitouch has flexible menu and price functionality that makes it easy for St. Lucie Draft House to offer their succulent Sunday Chicken Dinner, weekly specials, and daily happy hour deals by allowing them to configure by workstation, day of week, and time of day.

Pinnacle’s Southeastern Regional office, located at 2001 West Cypress Creek Road, Suite 103, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, provides local service for the Port St. Lucie area. Pinnacle is ready to improve your restaurant’s operation speed and ease of management by integrating your point-of-sale, accounting, and inventory functions in a single easy to use interface. Contact Pinnacle’s experienced team members today locally at 954-938-8870 or toll-free at 800-771-7100 so they can create a customized restaurant solution tailored to meet all your requirements.

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