Bar Nightclub POS System Reviews

Bar Nightclub POS System As a successful bar or nightclub owner, you oversee every aspect of your establishment and work hard to ensure it is a rousing success. But you may be overlooking one of the essential components of bringing in the big crowds: a fast, efficient bar / nightclub point of sale system. A POS system that is configured specifically to meet the needs of drinking establishments can improve the speed and accuracy of your service, and enhance virtually every facet of your business. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems offers two versatile point of sale systems that are customized for bars and nightclubs; read on to discover the many ways a customized solution can increase your bar’s profitability!

Pinnacle’s Dinerware Bar / Nightclub POS System
Pinnacle’s Dinerware nightclub POS is affordably priced and perfect for bars of every size, easily accommodating multiple indoor and outdoor bars to keep even the largest establishments running smoothly. Easy to learn, Dinerware POS for bars’ simple operation means with only minimal training time your staff can add or modify menu items on the fly to effortlessly offer happy hours and daily specials. It takes just a quick two-step process to sell a drink with Dinerware nightclub POS systems; employees can order another round of drinks for the entire table in just a few simple steps so no one is left waiting for service even on the busiest nights, while integrated debit/credit card processing eliminates bottlenecks at checkout time.

Customers love to be recognized and catered to; Dinerware’s bar POS grows your business by making all your patrons feel like regulars! Bartenders and servers can label tickets with customers’ names or nicknames based on recognizable characteristics to help them identify and remember each customer for a personal touch. Dinerware’s customer database lets your staff instantly look up customers by their name, phone number, address, or email address, and make drink and food suggestions to make based on previous orders. Dinerware integrates with Pinnacle’s Sundrop Mobile Loyalty solution to help you build a substantial base of loyal customers with ease!

Pinnacle’s POSitouch Bar / Nightclub POS System
Even the busiest nightclubs and bars run smoothly and efficiently with Pinnacle’s POSitouch nightclub management software. Specifically designed for the bar industry, Pinnacle’s POSitouch bar POS system includes all the features your bartenders need to provide swift, accurate service: left- or right-handed screens for quick access, on-screen rolling minimum birth date for legal drinking, consolidation of like items, and the ability to start a tab with just the swipe of a credit card. With 55 available menu items per screen – the most in the industry! – and detailed drink recipes that can be displayed or printed at the screen, Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS for bars is a bartender’s best friend.

The robust reporting features of Pinnacle’s POSitouch nightclub POS provide you with all the details you need to achieve maximum profitability, such as which libation provides the best ROI. Powerful loss prevention features including cash drawer security, automatic exception alarms on cash draws, and video records of open drawer activities such as No Sale, protect your bottom line. With these and a host of other features, Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS for nightclubs will put you firmly in control of every aspect of your bar or nightclub business.

As these bar / nightclub POS system reviews have shown, Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS and Dinerware POS systems are designed specifically to help your nightclub or bar become more profitable than ever! Pinnacle has turnkey solutions customized for every type of hospitality business, and our local experienced representatives are waiting to show you how we can help you succeed. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 to discover just how successful your business can be!

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