Restaurant POS Training

Restaurant POS TrainingNo matter how great the various features of a restaurant point of sale system sound, if you and your staff are unable to take advantage of them, they are of no benefit to you. Restaurateurs lead busy, fast-paced lives, and do not have time to waste on inefficiency. Whether you are choosing a restaurant POS system for your new establishment or are updating an ineffective system at your existing restaurant, you cannot afford the time to sit and muddle through a dry POS manual on your own in an attempt to learn a new system. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems provides informative, dynamic restaurant POS training when you choose one of our systems, to teach you and your staff everything you need to take advantage of all the benefits our POS systems have to offer.

Pinnacle’s knowledgeable, dedicated representatives start by carefully evaluating the individual needs of your business to construct a customized restaurant POS solution from one of our three versatile systems: POSitouch POS, Dinerware POS, and Calypso POS. Once your system is installed, Pinnacle’s experienced staff begins your training, utilizing training materials developed by POSitouch and our other business partners. These materials were designed specifically to ensure that management as well as the employees who will be utilizing the system on a daily basis are made aware of, and are conversant with, every detail regarding optimal function, performance and ease of use of our restaurant point of sale systems.

Pinnacle realizes training requirements vary from owner to owner, and we have the flexibility to meet those different needs. For that reason, we offer you the choice of on-site training classes at your location, as well as the option for your management team and staff of employees to train in our state of the art classrooms, at Pinnacle’s headquarters in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We have the capacity and capability to arrive at your place of business with a proven program that will bring your staff up to speed in mere days. Whichever you choose, our representatives will swiftly train management and employees to use our POS systems for restaurants to their full capacity, quickly and with no errors, so your establishment can provide the highest quality customer service to your patrons.

Pinnacle is dedicated to your success. In addition to the restaurant POS training we provide upon system implementation, we also offer training at regular intervals for your new employees. This way, we can help your establishment maintain its high standards by ensuring your latest hires are just as well trained and receive the same benefits of the training course as your original staff. Pinnacle not only provides training for basic use of the point of sale systems, we ensure you can take full advantage of the accounting programs that interface with our POS systems for restaurants, such as Quick Books, Great Plains, MAS 90, Solomon Peachtree and many more.

Discover all the benefits Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has to offer! We combine hardware, software, and services to provide turnkey solutions for managing every type of hospitality business, improving establishments’ bottom line with unmatched business consulting and accounting resources. As part of our determination to see you succeed, we have local representatives and local POS tech support available any time, day or night, 365 days a year. Contact Pinnacle today at 800.771.7100 to experience the difference partnering with Pinnacle can make in your bottom line!

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