Dinerware POS Systems and Support

Dinerware POS Systems and SupportManaging a successful hospitality business is not easy. It requires an obsessive attention to detail, a willingness to work countless hours … and a powerful, full-featured point of sale system backed by around the clock technical support. If your POS system ever stops working, all transactions at your hospitality business come to an abrupt stop, leaving your guests with checks that cannot be closed out and credit card payments that cannot be processed. If your POS breakdown happens on a weekend night, when hospitality businesses typically make the majority of their revenue, your losses could run to thousands of dollars as you wait for a third-party POS system to come repair your system. Owners who use Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Dinerware POS systems never have to face this crisis, because at Pinnacle we back our Dinerware systems with local, knowledgeable POS support technicians that are available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Pinnacle’s Dinerware POS: Streamlined, Powerful POS Features
The full-featured functionality of Pinnacle’s Dinerware ensures fast, efficient service and satisfied customers. Servers can close out a check quickly, using Dinerware’s integrated credit card processing or settling to cash with just two touches. Dinerware’s FastPay Mode automatically closes tickets when payment is taken, which is a real time-saver on busy weekend nights. Large parties are a breeze with Pinnacle’s Dinerware restaurant POS, which allows your staff to split and combine guest checks, and split items between any number of people in any proportion. Servers can even combine forces to work each other’s checks as needed.

With Pinnacle’s Dinerware POS for restaurants and bars, you gain a robust roster of management features that you can access from any terminal. You can edit an employee timesheet, retrieve a report, change a menu item, or even create new happy hour pricing in seconds, without ever having to leave the floor. Changes take place without a restart, so you never have to worry about lost revenue from downtime while your Dinerware POS software uploads your changes.

Pinnacle’s Local, Knowledgeable Dinerware POS Support
To ensure your Dinerware POS system remains functioning at its efficient best, Pinnacle offers Full Service Dinerware POS Help Desk Support as well as Technical Support to all of our customers. Help Desk Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You can always reach live, bi-lingual support representatives, as we never use an answering service. Our support representatives employ sophisticated online troubleshooting and diagnosis techniques that enable them to swiftly resolve most problems with just a phone call.

If your problem requires further assistance, Pinnacle offers complete Field Service Technical Support, in the form of local technicians who are available around the clock, every day of the year, including holidays. Our experienced POS technicians will arrive swiftly in a fully stocked repair van equipped with a large assortment of monitors, hardware, and parts. Pinnacle offers several support options from which to choose, so you can balance your budget and support needs to find the perfect fit.

Now that you know more about Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Dinerware POS systems and support options, it is time to bring this advantage to your hospitality business! We offer turnkey Dinerware POS systems customized for every type of hospitality business, including Quick Serve, Casual, and Fine Dining Restaurant POS, Nightclub POS, Sports Bar POS, Stadium POS, and more.

Contact Pinnacle today at 800-771-7100 to bring the benefits of Pinnacle’s Dinerware POS system backed by our powerful tech support to your hospitality business!

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