Does Your Restaurant Need a Surveillance System?

As a savvy restaurant owner, you have probably considered installing a surveillance system. You realize that a surveillance system can protect a restaurant from losses, but you are not quite sure if your business needs one. Of course, you want … Continue reading

How Video Tools Can Save You Money

You cannot afford to leave your business unprotected. By incorporating Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology, you can monitor everything that is going on in and around your store. It is common sense that DVR technology can be a great tool … Continue reading

Restaurant Surveillance and POS Software Increase Bottom Line Profits for Hospitality Businesses

As a valuable solution for theft and profit losses within a hospitality business, restaurant owners have the power to supplement their business operations using POS systems with digital surveillance. This combination creates a strong defense to prevent theft and false discrimination claims … Continue reading

Restaurant POS Systems & Digital Surveillance: Best Restaurant Loss Prevention Measures

On many occasions, restaurants are vulnerable targets for discrimination lawsuits, theft, and robbery.  Patrons can seek out a weakness in the restaurant’s business model to take advantage by making false discriminatory claims. Employees or guests may notice a loophole in the system for an opportunity … Continue reading

A Tight Economy Calls For Increasing Productivity & Bottom Line Profits With Restaurant POS Software Solutions

Although the hospitality industry takes one of the hardest hits when the economy is performing poorly, there are many restaurant loss prevention measures a restaurant or other hospitality business can take, including surveillance technology, to sustain and succeed in even the … Continue reading

Restaurant Software by POSitouch POS Systems Aid in Loss Prevention

Maintaining consistency with customers and having superior loss prevention strategies allow your restaurant, club or bar to rise above its competition. The most successful restaurant loss prevention measure one can enforce is the implementation of a restaurant POS system. Customer service and customer experience makes … Continue reading

First Restaurant Loss Prevention Webinar a Success

Earlier this month, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems, provider of restaurant POS systems to Alabama and Florida, collaborated with iControl Enterprise in presenting a restaurant loss prevention Webinar.  As an enterprise solution for integrating POSitouch restaurant POS systems, iControl offers a number of restaurant loss prevention … Continue reading