Branding With Mugs

Do you have Another Broken Egg mug from your favorite location?  With 20 locations this Destin, FL based breakfast and brunch specialist sell 22,000 mugs per year.  Each specially made coffee mug is branded with Another Broken Egg’s logo and an emblem of the town that is home to each individual restaurant. Customers have taken to collecting them from each location, paying $18 per mug. Continue reading “Branding With Mugs” »

POSitouch & Southern Hospitality: An Award-Winning Combination for Savannah BBQ

Unless you pay with cash, chances are that any time you buy something, you’ll use a point of sale system (POS). While POS systems are refreshingly convenient for those of us who exclusively pay with plastic, they’re even more beneficial for businesses, especially restaurants and their employees. At the award-winning Blowin’ Smoke BBQ in Savannah, Georgia, quality service is provided thanks in part to Pinnacle Hospitality Systems and their POSitouch POS.

Competition to be the best in BBQ is tough in the south, but Blowin’ Smoke has been voted Best BBQ and Best Chef by readers of Savannah Magazine. Most reviewers cite the familiar smoky, woody aroma that floods the parking lot from the kitchen, where hand-pulled pork, beef brisket and other carnivorous treats are smoked for hours to reach tender perfection. Favorites include the Holy Smoked Platter with a little bit of everything: hand-pulled pork, sliced beef brisket and a quarter rack of baby-back ribs. Although coleslaw is an often neglected southern side, Blowin’ Smoke’s version has a fresh, light yet robust cabbage flavor. Try the indulgent, creamy Homemade Mac and Cheese or sample the fried pickles as an appetizer.

The service at Blowin’ Smoke BBQ is second-to-one. Servers show diners the true meaning of southern hospitality, and a quality restaurant POS system aids employees in providing quick service and accurate orders. Next time you visit Georgia, be sure to stop by Blowin’ Smoke for some of the best barbecue in the south. If you’re looking for a quality POS system in Savannah, contact Pinnacle at 1-800-771-7100.

Savannah’s Best BBQ Restaurant Uses POSitouch

If there’s any restaurant that is serious about its barbeque, Blowin’ Smoke BBQ in Savannah, Georgia should be on the top of the list. The no frills restaurant was voted Best BBQ and Best Chef by readers of Savannah Magazine. Executive Chef Jeff Crumpton raves about his top-of-the-line barbeque smoker that delivers amazing flavor during the painstaking four-day process from raw pork shoulder to the finished product served to customers.

It’s apparent that Blowin’ Smoke offers the best BBQ around. With a large menu including on- and off- site catering options, the restaurant offers burgers, pulled pork, sliced beef brisket, smoked chicken, baby back ribs, smoked salmon, leg of lamb, pork shoulder and even whole roasted pig as part of its Southern Luau package. The regular menu carries pork sliders, smoked wings, crab cakes, rib eye steak, jumbo beef ribs, smoked pork loin, black-eye pea cakes and chicken tenders with sides of fried pickles and fried mushrooms for a truly authentic Southern barbeque experience. With a beer garden that sits up to 60 people and a huge selection of craft beers, Blowin’ Smoke BBQ is the complete package.

The barbeque restaurant uses Pinnacle Hospitality System’s POSitouch restaurant point-of-sale system to track its business functions. The restaurant POS is especially handy during busy times to ring up orders quickly. Owners can track inventory and create work schedules right on the restaurant POS system. Rather than use timecards, the restaurant saves on costs by having employees clock in and out right on the computer POS system. POSitouch helps to simplify the operations of running a restaurant so owners and employees can focus on giving great service to their customers. For more information, call Pinnacle Hospitality Systems at 1-800-771-7100.

POSitouch Helps to Automate Frozen Yogurt Chain

La’ Berry Frozen Yogurt Café opened its doors last year in Savannah, providing cool treats in the warm Georgia climate. La’ Berry follows a vision to serve only the freshest and healthiest ingredients in their frozen yogurt and toppings. The shop offers 8 different flavors of frozen yogurt, along with a smorgasbord of toppings including pretzels, chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, nuts, fruit and flavored syrups. Feeling adventurous? La’ Berry even carries sriracha hot sauce on hand for culinary risk-takers. Whatever you choose, La’ Berry is a fun place that offers dessert you don’t have to feel guilty about.

The bright store with its neon-colored walls and helix-print tables create a fun atmosphere to enjoy a sweet treat with friends. The successful frozen yogurt shop is opening in three new locations, coming to Southside, Macon and Warner Robins. The original La’ Berry Frozen Yogurt Café in Savannah continues to carry on its success because of its fine ingredients, fun décor and excellent customer service. La’ Berry uses POSitouch restaurant POS systems to ensure business is running smoothly. The restaurant POS system processes credit cards, and also accepts gift card and loyalty card programs like the VIP card. Cashiers are able to accept cash and credit card payments on the same system, while managers can track inventory and create work schedules on the computer POS system as well. POSitouch helps to automate businesses, which is extremely helpful for franchises like La’ Berry.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is the exclusive provider of POSitouch restaurant POS in Georgia and Florida. For more information Pinnacle’s line of products, call 1-800-771-7100.

POSitouch Popping Up at SteviB’s Restaurants

The SteviB’s restaurant chain has always valued family meals that foster a sense of belonging. That is exactly what the two founding brothers had in mind when they started the pizza buffet restaurant in the mid 90’s. Today, SteviB’s still strives to deliver family meals that anchor the community. SteviB’s is an active member of the community, supporting organizations and causes like fundraisers, school events, churches, civic groups and Boy and Girl Scout activities – giving kids an incentive and teaching them civic responsibility.

Currently, the successful restaurant chain spans across 8 states with over 40 locations. As the “Ultimate Pizza Buffet”, SteviB’s serves quality pizzas, fresh salads and original desserts with the finest ingredients and superb customer service. Last year, the Ocala, Florida and Smyrna, Georgia locations installed POSitouch restaurant point of sale systems to improve business functions. Now, SteviB’s has just added POSitouch restaurant pos to three more locations! SteviB’s locations in Appleton, Wisconsin, Kathleen, Georgia and Stockbridge, Georgia have all signed up for restaurant pos software provided by Pinnacle Hospitality Systems. The restaurant pos is designed for processing credit cards, splitting checks, and sending orders to the kitchen quickly and efficiently. Store owners can manage labor schedules and track inventory on the point of sale system as well. POSitouch has proven to be a useful tool in helping restaurant chains deliver speedy service. Whether you are the owner of a large restaurant chain or a mom and pop diner, all hospitality businesses can benefit from a restaurant pos system. For more information on POSitouch software, contact Pinnacle Hospitality Systems.

Bokamper’s Sports Bar & Grill chooses Pinnacle Hospitality Systems

Former Miami Dolphins linebacker and legend Kim Bokamper has opened a sports themed bar and grill in Plantation, Florida called ‘Bokampers’.  Bokamper’s has chosen to partner with Pinnacle Hospitality Systems for their restaurant POS needs. 

Bokamper’s is utilizing POSitouch point of sale systems to streamline business operations and continuously improve their bottom line.  POSitouch restaurant POS systems track inventory, generate reports and create accountability for every aspect of operations.   Bokamper’s will soon implement Ice Monitor digital surveillance for industry leading loss prevention and protection.

Bokamper’s Sports Bar and Grill offers an inviting and state of the art venue for sports fans and friends to enjoy great food, live entertainment and quality service.  There are 50 high definition flat-screen plasma televisions as well as 2 over-sized projection screens so that fans never miss an angle or a play while visiting Bokamper’s! 

Bokamper’s opened its doors on September 26th and has enjoyed a great deal of success and rave reviews so far.  Locals, visitors, Miami Dolphins cheerleaders and even Miami Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano frequent the establishment for the game day experience.  Owner/operator Kim Bokamper said:
“People walk in and they see all of the t.v.’s and the smiling faces of my staff and they feel welcomed.  We have a talented kitchen staff, good quality food and entertainment-it feels good to make people happy.  Bokamper’s is one of the nicest sports bars in the area and we are very pleased.”

Owner/operators Kim Bokamper and Noel Cullen are both thrilled with Pinnacle Hospitality systems as their point of sale provider, and said they would recommend them to any hospitality-based business interested in controlling their business and building for the future with ease.

Dinerware & QuickBooks

Dinerware point of sale systems feature QuickBooks accounting interface.  QuickBooks accounting interfaces seamlessly with Dinerware point of sale systems, eliminating double entry issues.  The information entered into the Dinerware restaurant POS system is automatically logged into QuickBooks accounting system’s general ledger and accounts payable and accounts receivable are updated.  This system eliminates manual entry, which in turn improves efficiency and virtually eliminates transposition errors.

Quickbooks accounting interface is a financial management solution for your Dinerware point of sale system to assist you with getting back to business.  The challenges of tracking inventory, invoices, and accounting while balancing your valuable time needed for future growth and planning are eliminated with Dinerware restaurant POS systems

Dinerware keeps you organized from your bottom line to the top, compacting all of your financial information conveniently into one place.  With QuickBooks accounting interface, your customer, vendor and sales information are all available in one place, so no more digging through mountains of paperwork and wasting time! 

QuickBooks creates invoices, automatically pays bills and tracks expenses, and makes tax time a cinch!  There is no accounting knowledge needed to set up, learn or use QuickBooks accounting interface with your Dinerware POS system, as there are available coaching tips and a wizards guide to walk you through each step and answer any questions you may have.  Contact Pinnacle Hospitality Systems today to learn more about Dinerware restaurant POS systems and QuickBooks accounting interface.