Cost of Opening a Hotel

cost-of-opening-a-hotelAre you interested in opening a hotel? A hotel can be a profitable investment, provided it is in the right location and offers a winning combination of amenities and services. Hotel ownership should not be entered into lightly, as it requires a great deal of hard work and a sizeable investment of capital. You should put aside sufficient funds to support your enterprise for the first few years, because whether you are starting a unique boutique hotel or opening a unit of an internationally recognized hotel franchise, it may be several years before you can completely recoup your investment. The cost of opening a hotel can vary widely, from as low as $124,000 to the astronomically high price of $94 million, depending on the following key factors: Continue reading “Cost of Opening a Hotel” »

Dinerware Hotel POS Solutions

dinerware-hotel-pos-solutionsHotel guests expect an extra level of convenience and personalized service during their entire stay, including the time they spend dining in the hotel restaurant. To live up to this heightened standard of care, hotel restaurant managers need a POS solution that is customized specifically for their needs. While standard point of sale solutions cannot provide the full range of functions required, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Dinerware Hotel POS Solutions prove themselves up to the challenge, by providing an easy to use Property Management interface along with full-featured restaurant functionality. Continue reading “Dinerware Hotel POS Solutions” »

Hospitality Software Installation

hospitality-software-installationStarting a new hospitality business is a major undertaking, one that involves many difficult decisions and a great deal of hard work. From selecting a location to designing the décor and finalizing a menu, there are many responsibilities resting directly on your shoulders. While there are many details that you, as the owner, must be concerned about, a correctly functioning point of sale solution should not be one of them. When you choose a hospitality software solution from Pinnacle Hospitality Systems, our highly trained and experienced staff make the entire implementation process stress-free by overseeing every step of your hospitality software installation, providing in-depth training for you and your staff, and continuing with ongoing support to help your business function at its efficient best. Continue reading “Hospitality Software Installation” »

POSitouch Hotel Solution in Miami Beach

Beyond sun, sand and Latin flare, Miami is known for its eccentric art. The Marseilles Hotel in Miami Beach is an art-deco style boutique hotel with unique architecture and design that hark back to the 1940s. The hotel embodies a “vertical emphasis and a combination of flat and curved walls, use of glass blocks, neon, cove and porthole ceiling lighting and cast iron railings.” The past has been impeccably preserved in this delightful art-deco structure.

The Marseilles Hotel uses the POSitouch Hotel Solution by Pinnacle Hospitality Systems. With Pinnacle’s point of sale system, Marseilles Hotel can easily process credit cards and keep guests happy by reducing overall wait times. Guest accommodations include guest rooms with carefully created décor to create a soothing ambiance. Choose from a Superior Hotel Room (with either two full-size beds or one queen or king), an Ocean Front Deluxe Room (with art-deco charm overlooking the pool and beach), Jacuzzi Suite or Penthouse Suite. The beautiful two-floor Penthouse Suite features a living room and separate bedroom and a Jacuzzi tub on the upper level with a view of the blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Marseilles Hotel offers a concierge, local tours, car rental, fax service, valet laundry and more. Visit the lobby bar and lounge for an evening drink, or dine at Chef Vincent Sidewalk café, open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night dining. This ocean-side hotel also features a poolside tiki bar open for lunch and dinner, heated swimming pool and sun deck, ballroom for meetings and receptions, fitness center and private beach with lounges and hammocks.

For more information, Like the Marseille Hotel Facebook page. If you are interested in a POS system in Miami Beach, contact Pinnacle Hospitality Systems today by calling 1-800-771-7100.

Pinnacle Simplifies Operations for Hotel Restaurants

Pinnacle offers point of sale solutions for a variety of hospitality industries, including casual and fine dining, pizza delivery, quick service, country clubs, stadiums/arenas and more. The POSitouch hotel solution automates table service for hotel restaurants.

With POSitouch Table Service, interfaced with your hotel’s property management system, you are able to combine many separate functions into one easy-to-use system. It’s inevitable that diners will ask for separate checks, and with POSitouch, it can be done quickly and easily. Managers will love the ability to track voided and deleted items, as well as video security that allows for the viewing of items ordered. Banking can be set up to be done by a server or charged to the room, and the flexible menu and price functionality allows you to configure by workstation, day of week and time of day, a convenient feature for hotel restaurants offering happy hours! The user-friendly touch screen layout can be configured by button size and color, and starting an order is a breeze – simply enter the table number or select the table from a picture to begin an order. Enjoy quick, easy and organized order routing, a feature that combines like items and sends them to the appropriate prepping station (routing schemes may be altered at any time).

Pinnacle’s POSitouch hotel solutions help to make daily operations impressively efficient, allowing managers to keep a better handle on their restaurants. If the standard features included in the POSitouch Table Service for hotels weren’t enough, there are several optional add-on modules that further prove that this POS system is the best of the best. The Dining Room Management Module allows managers to configure the layout of the restaurant and to obtain tabletop updates with the touch of a screen, ultimately leading to an increased return on investment and higher customer satisfaction. To learn more about the add-on modules and other features for hotel restaurants, click here.

Numerous hotel restaurants have revolutionized their business with POSitouch. To find out how you can become one of countless happy customers, contact Pinnacle today at 1.800.771.7100!

Florida Hotels Maximize Profit During the High Season with POS Software

The economic downturn has been hard on the hotel industry for the last two years, but the recession is a challenge and an opportunity for general managers. It is more important than ever to emphasize quality of service and provide sufficient training to all staff. In the recovering economy, there is still a high demand for hotels, and a lot of the business comes from corporations as a place to hold meetings. Florida hotels like the Marenas Resort in Miami and the Villas at Grand Cypress in Orlando did better last year than the year before, and continue to pick up speed in 2010.

Tourism in South Florida is typically highest from mid-February through the Easter holiday, when winter residents or snowbirds start returning back home. However, due to this year’s unusually cold winter, hotels are seeing a late season with occupancy up in April compared to this time last year. 

With the increased business, right now is the perfect time for hotel managers to examine how their business is functioning and to make use of software that will maximize profits. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems helps hotels and country clubs with POSitouch and Dinerware software solutions. The computer POS systems are designed to streamline transaction processes at hotels, making it easy to book rooms, extract sales reports, track inventory and manage labor. POS software systems help managers create work schedules and handle payroll to keep track of overtime hours.  POSitouch Hotel Solutions also provide a video security system interface that allows hotel GMs to record items ordered on digital video to hone in on loss prevention.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has helped to automate the hotel industry, streamlining businesses and cutting overhead costs for hospitality establishments in Miami, Orlando, and throughout Florida and Alabama for over twenty years.

POS Software Systems Help Hotels Deliver Top Notch Service

Traditionally, when POS systems come to mind one would immediately think of the software to be used for restaurants. However, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems provide POSitouch and Dinerware computer POS systems to benefit hotels as well. The hospitality systems allow hotel businesses to run more efficiently and streamline all aspects of management, including employment management, record keeping, food and beverage management, ordering and entertainment.

POSitouch and Dinerware can be customized to fit individual businesses’ needs. All factors need to be examined when it comes to managing a hotel establishment, from keeping track of visitor history and loyalty programs to charging room service and spa treatments. Hotels should always be aware of how things can be run more efficiently – minimizing time and resources to maximize profit.

Some hotel owners or managers who are hesitant about installing hotel POS systems need to know that there is no better method of streamlining business activities. The whole purpose of POSitouch and Dinerware software is to provide owners with better management capabilities so they can supervise cashflow, take inventory of stock, organize large parties of guests, and review sales reports quickly and easily. POS software systems give managers better control of how their hotels are running so they can hone in on profitable areas and find room for improvement in weaker areas.

It is important for hotel management to think of the long term goal – to provide top notch experience to guests so they will come back in the future and spread the word to bring in more business. Hospitality systems facilitate staff with providing that world-class service.