POSitouch Inventory Management

positouch-inventory-managementAre inventory management woes turning your dream restaurant into an overwhelming nightmare? Your culinary skills may be beyond compare, but if you are using guesswork to manage your restaurant’s inventory, your restaurant could be headed for a financial disaster. Estimating the amount of ingredients you need, scheduling deliveries without sufficient data on your actual product usage, and pricing your menu items without figuring their actual ROI can destroy the profitability of your restaurant. Fortunately, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch POS has a powerful Inventory Management module that takes the guesswork out of inventory management and puts you firmly in control of your restaurant’s business operations! Continue reading “POSitouch Inventory Management” »

Restaurant Inventory Management

restaurant-inventory-managementAre food costs out of control at your restaurant? Food cost is the second highest expense most restaurants face, exceeded only by payroll. How well you manage your food inventory can mean the difference between a successful restaurant and one that is constantly struggling to stay afloat. There are so many items to keep track of, though, that managing your restaurant’s inventory can seem like an overwhelming task. Fortunately, the Inventory Management module of Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch POS makes managing your restaurant’s inventory a simple, easy process so you can quickly get your food costs under control – and manage your restaurant more efficiently than you ever thought possible! Continue reading “Restaurant Inventory Management” »

Killer Pasta is Killing It

Food trucks have gone gourmet. No longer are they just the construction worker’s lunch. Killer Pasta is a mobile food truck in Miami that is making every possible effort to provide the freshest, best tasting pastas & salads for their customers. By working with local farmers and dairy companies they use the freshest ingredients including local seafood and Key West shrimp (when in season).   Killer Pasta makes their pastas, cheeses, and sauces daily. With delicious weekly specials based on the local produce offerings you are always assured a great meal. Continue reading “Killer Pasta is Killing It” »

Beer Sales Up

Did you realize that restaurant beer sales rose in 2011? This week the Beer Institute released new data that show that beer sales in restaurants rose more than 9 percent in 2011 totaling about $23.6 billion in sales.  Restaurants are responsible for nearly a quarter of all beer sales in 2011; they represented the largest share of the on-premise sales last year.

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How Video Tools Can Save You Money

You cannot afford to leave your business unprotected. By incorporating Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology, you can monitor everything that is going on in and around your store. It is common sense that DVR technology can be a great tool when it comes to loss prevention and employee safety. However, video surveillance can help you increase your profits and point out ways to streamline operations.

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Improving your Labor Costs

Put yourself into any restaurant owners shoes and you can only imagine the undertaking and everyday issues they are responsible for. Surprisingly though, when asked to rank one of their biggest concerns while operating their business, labor costs happened to be on the top of every list.

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BurgerMonger Relies on Pinnacle Hospitality Systems for Quality POS System

Mongers are well known for their ability to pick only the highest quality goods to sell or trade—and BurgerMonger in Tampa, Florida lives up to their namesake. They provide their customers superiorly crafted burgers made with only the finest ingredients. Hand crafted burgers, fresh cut fries and home baked buns are just a few of the reasons the popular restaurant attracts loyal crowds of hungry guests.

BurgerMonger’s menu is a step above the rest because of their use of top-notch ingredients, like Akaushi Kobe beef, a lower fat and lower cholesterol meat. Their menu is filled with delicious toppings like cherry wood smoked bacon, aged smoked Amish buttermilk blue cheese and Chai Chipolte Chup. But their menu isn’t only about burgers. They also offer hot dogs, milk shakes and a chicken breast sandwich on multi-grain bread brushed with garlic olive oil.

When Jake Hickton, owner of BurgerMonger, opened his restaurant based on the tenet of using only the finest ingredients, he knew he also needed to choose only the best point-of-sale to manage his daily operations. That is why he selected Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch for its quality, experience and price.

“Using Pinnacle Hospitality Systems software has helped us improve profitability,” said Hickton, a 35-year restaurant veteran. Pinnacle has helped BurgerMonger increase restaurant revenue through inventory control, loss prevention, labor management and food cost analysis.

From day one, Pinnacle exceeded expectations with its excellent 24-hour customer service. Hickton stressed his appreciation of Pinnacle’s outstanding customer service team, citing instances when he needed assistance and a representative was always there to respond immediately.

“We’ve experienced capable, confident people willing to do what was needed in order for us to be successful,” said Hickton. “We’re in it for the long haul and I expect to have a great, long term relationship.”

To see the full client testimonial video interview with Jake Hickton of BurgerMonger.

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