POS Mobile Table Side Ordering

pos-mobile-table-side-orderingIs outdated ordering technology hurting your dining establishment’s profitability? Old-fashioned point of sale systems that force servers to constantly run between kitchen, bar, and customers’ tables are not only inefficient and time-consuming, they can actually have a deleterious effect on your customers’ dining experience. Whether you own a bar, restaurant, or gourmet food truck, using one of Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POS solutions that incorporate mobile tableside ordering can increase the speed and accuracy of your service, enhancing customer satisfaction and improving the overall profitability of your establishment. Continue reading “POS Mobile Table Side Ordering” »

Mobile Food Truck POS Systems

The food truck scene has exploded in recent years, delivering gastronomic bliss to discriminating diners everywhere. Food trucks have become an established segment of the restaurant industry, with loyal followers eagerly tracking their movements and locations. While they share many similarities with traditional restaurants, food truck operations differ in several key ways from traditional venues. These differences leave food trucks needing a point of sale system designed to meet their specific needs. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ Dinerware POS system for food trucks is custom designed with the features food trucks need to speed them to success. Continue reading “Mobile Food Truck POS Systems” »

Food Trucks With Mobile POS Systems Feed NY Disaster Victims

Drive Up Your Profits With A Mobile POS System

When Hurricane Sandy rampaged through New York City wreaking destruction and leaving residents with no electricity or way to get food, there was suddenly a crucial need to feed the hungry citizens. Food trucks to the rescue! Dozens of the city-inspected, self-sufficient mobile food delivery vehicles had survived the storm and immediately began feeding ravenous residents in neighborhoods where no brick-and-mortar restaurants were open. Thanks to the generosity of individual donors, New York City agencies and sponsoring corporations, much of that food has been free.

More than 20 trucks a day have been distributing free food in over a dozen storm-ravaged neighborhoods. So far, food trucks have dispensed more than 100,000 free meals, supplementing over a million ready-to-eat meals distributed in storm-impacted neighborhoods. Continue reading “Food Trucks With Mobile POS Systems Feed NY Disaster Victims” »

Is Your Restaurant POS System Up To The Challenge?

Entice Tech-Savvy Customers with Pinnacle’s Cardless Loyalty Solution
Is your restaurant tech-savvy enough for your customers? A majority of consumers are expecting to use technology to order food at restaurants more frequently in the coming year, according to a recent Technomic survey. Loyalty programs with digital rewards, tableside touchscreen devices that enable customers to self-order and pay, and iPad/tablet menus topped the list of innovations customers are seeking.

“Technology can be used as a point of differentiation within the restaurant industry…especially with Millennials,” says Technomic Executive Vice President Darren Tristano. Continue reading “Is Your Restaurant POS System Up To The Challenge?” »

Restaurant POS Systems

Looking to update your restaurant software system?  Stop by the Pinnacle Hospitality Systems booth at the Industry’s Spring and Summer Show sponsored by Sysco at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  Pinnacle will help you improve your bottom line not only with proven computer hardware and software designed for the hospitality industry, but with unmatched business consulting and accounting resources.

A leader in the industry for 20 years, Pinnacle looks out for restaurateurs’ needs and offers products that aim to protect restaurateurs’ profits. Today we are showcasing our Dinerware iPad solution. Continue reading “Restaurant POS Systems” »

Are Your Customers Loyal?

When it comes to loyalty programs many restaurants are stuck in the 1990’s; are you?  Do not launch another punch card program.  These programs cause more frustration than loyalty.  Customers either forget to bring them in or hold up your lines while searching through their purses looking for the little card so you can stamp it, punch it or swipe it. Honestly, how much of a benefit is this to you or your customer?

Customer loyalty programs need to be user friendly, fast and efficient.  It needs to be mobile and geo-location, along with data-driven marketing and real-time offers at the POS. Continue reading “Are Your Customers Loyal?” »

The Three P’s of Local Marketing: Partnerships, Personal Selling and Public Relations

Mass media advertising can be expensive, and it’s not that effective for a small business.  Local store marketing is definitely the way to expand your brand name and business.  Using local tactics to build a strong and loyal customer base in the 3–5-mile trading area around your locations will have much more impact.  There are three primary elements of a good local-store marketing program: partnerships, personal selling, and public relations. Continue reading “The Three P’s of Local Marketing: Partnerships, Personal Selling and Public Relations” »