Marketing for Your Microbrewery


Is your microbrewery getting the attention it deserves? After an enormous amount of experimentation and countless tastings, you have finally brewed some amazing beers. All that hard work and effort is only the first part of your task, however – now you have to get those delicious drinks in the hands of some craft beer loving customers! While you love brewing great-tasting beers, you may dread having to promote them. Relax! Marketing for your microbrewery is probably much easier (and less expensive!) than you realize. Try following these microbrewery marketing tips – they will help you get your craft beers in the hands of some new customers, so you can start building the loyal fan base your brews so richly deserve.

Pass on Your Passion
Your passion for your beer and your company is one of your key marketing advantages. Remember, the customers you are trying to reach are craft beer enthusiasts like yourself, who share your thirst for unique, great tasting beer. When you convey how and why you started your microbrewery, you infect others with your enthusiasm and create a brand they can relate to. Continue reading “Marketing for Your Microbrewery” »

How Much does it Cost to Open a Microbrewery?

If brewing beer is your passion, opening a microbrewery could be a dream come true! Many entrepreneurs have fantasized about brewing beer for a living; in the past few years, a surprising number of them have discovered it can be quite a lucrative enterprise. The market for craft beer has risen in recent years, with an increasing number of drinkers willing to pay a premium for beer that is made close to home. If you are like many budding brewers, you have postponed pursuing your dream because of financial uncertainty, unwilling to take the plunge until you know the answer to the question, “How much does it cost to open a microbrewery?” According to industry experts, it costs approximately $450,000 to just under $1 million to open a microbrewery. The total start-up cost of your dream microbrewery will be determined by the following factors: Continue reading “How Much does it Cost to Open a Microbrewery?” »

Cost of Opening a Gastropub

cost-of-opening-a-gastropubIf you love the energy and atmosphere of taverns and have a talent for creating delicious cuisine, opening a gastropub may be your dream career! Gastropubs, those amazing establishments that expertly combine the best of beers and spirits with fresh, locally sourced culinary creations, remain as popular as ever. Finding the perfect balance between the tavern and restaurant aspects can be difficult, but when everything comes together correctly, the result can be a gathering place beyond compare. Opening one of these ventures requires a serious commitment, as the cost of opening a gastropub begins at $250,000 and can run to well over $1 million. If you are wondering if a gastropub holds your path to working bliss, the following list of typical gastropub start-up expenses may help determine your course: Continue reading “Cost of Opening a Gastropub” »

POS Systems for Sports Bars

pos-systems-for-sports-barsSuper Bowl 2014 is nearly here – is your sports bar POS up to the challenge? Sports bars are packed with sports enthusiasts on a regular basis, but on Super Bowl Sunday, the influx of ravenous fans can reach epic proportions. To deliver the speedy and accurate service these thirsty fans demand, your staff needs a POS specifically designed to keep up with the fast-paced Sports Bar environment. Pinnacle Hospitality Services is here to help, with two POS systems for sports bars that are so loaded with features they are certain to be your MVP on Super Bowl Sunday – and all year long! Continue reading “POS Systems for Sports Bars” »

Nightclub Point of Sale Technology

Nightclub POS SolutionsIs your nightclub POS technology letting you down? Nightclub success is dependent on many factors, and an establishment’s location, décor, and music each have a large role to play. In the end, though, it all comes down to one basic truth: the more drinks a nightclub sells, the more successful it will be. To achieve the highest sales figures, you need nightclub point of sale technology designed for one specific purpose – to help you offer fast, accurate service and increase your drink sales. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is up to the challenge, with two powerful nightclub point of sale solutions that will maximize your total drink sales and help make your nightclub the success it deserves to be:

Pinnacle’s POSitouch POS for Nightclubs
The leader in nightclub management technology, Pinnacle’s POSitouch Nightclub POS offers left- or right-handed screens to provide quick access for bartenders, with multiple size and color touch points that can have bitmap pictures for accurate identification. Consolidation of like items gives your bartenders a fast count of items on the check while detailed drink recipes can be displayed or printed at the screen so every drink served is exactly what the customer ordered.

On-screen rolling minimum birth date for drinking, 55 available menu items per screen – the most in the industry, and the ability to start a tab with just the swipe of a credit card help your servers deliver fast, accurate service. To protect your profits Pinnacle’s POSitouch nightclub point of sale technology offers powerful loss prevention features including cash drawer security, automatic exception alarms on cash draws, and video records of open drawer activities such as No Sale.

Pinnacle’s Dinerware Nightclub POS Solution
If you are looking for an affordable, scalable nightclub point of sale solution, Pinnacle’s Dinerware Nightclub POS Solution is for you. The simple, straightforward design of  Pinnacle’s Dinerware is so easy to learn that with just minimal training, your staff will soon be adding and modifying menu items to offer Happy Hours like pros. Bartenders and servers can label tickets with a name of their choice to help them identify and remember each customer.

Dinerware even features a versatile customer database that lets your staff instantly look up customers by their name, phone number, address, or email address, so they can make drink and food suggestions based on previous orders for a personal touch. Service is speedy when you use Pinnacle’s Dinerware POS for nightclubs; it takes just a quick two-step process to sell a drink, and servers can order another round of drinks for the entire table in just a few simple steps. Integrated credit/debit card processing eliminates bottlenecks and achieves checkouts in record time.

Wireless Nightclub POS Technology
Nightclub patrons rarely stay in one place, which can be a nightmare for servers forced to hunt down customers after pushing their way through the crowd to place orders and process payments. Eliminate the hassle and boost your sales by going wireless! Both of Pinnacle’s nightclub POS software solutions can run on an iPad or our rugged J2 handheld devices, allowing servers to take orders, automatically route them to the kitchen or bar, and process credit and debit card payments without leaving their customers’ sides. The improvement in convenience and efficiency can yield as much as a 10-15% increase in your overall sales!

Discover just how smoothly and efficiently your nightclub can operate when you have Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ versatile nightclub point of sale technology to assist you! Our representatives are ready to combine the hardware, software, and services you need to provide you with a turn-key solution for managing your nightclub. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 to get started towards a more profitable future!

Sports Bar POS Solutions

sports-bar-pos-solutionsIs your sports bar POS in fighting shape for the fall sports season? Now that fall is here, sports bars are once again packed to capacity with thirsty fans cheering on their favorite teams. As a sports bar owner, you know that fast, accurate service is the key to your success – the more customers you serve, the more profitable your bar will be. You need a sports bar POS that can keep up the pace even during your busiest nights. Fortunately, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has two sports bar POS solutions that will help your servers offer quick, efficient service all season long. Continue reading “Sports Bar POS Solutions” »

Steps to Owning Your Own Bar

Are you interested in opening your own bar? Owning your own bar can be a rewarding and financially successful venture, but be sure you are prepared for the lifestyle switch – five am nights will be your new normal! If you and your family are prepared for these changes, just follow these steps to owning your own bar, and enjoy your new adventure!

  1. Choose Your Bar Type The first thing you need to decide is what type of bar you will be opening:
    1. Neighborhood Bar The most popular type of bar, this is perfect if you want to know your customers by name and host local pool and dart tournaments.
    2. Brewpub or Beer Bar Microbrews are growing in popularity, and it is easier to get a license for a brewpub or beer bar than for a full liquor bar. Startup costs for brewpubs are high because of equipment; beer bars are more affordable.
    3. Sports Bar They generally offer some menu options; every seat must have a view of televisions. Some owners end up spending a large portion of their revenue on keeping current with viewing technology, from big screen TVs to satellites.
    4. Specialty Bar These bars concentrate on one theme or drink, such as Hookah bars or martinis. They generally are small and located in areas that are more sophisticated.
    5. Nightclub Can be anything from a small cocktail lounge to a dance club hot spot frequented by glittering society types. Spend some time researching what type will succeed in your area.
  2. Write Your Business Plan Essential for obtaining funding, a detailed business plan is an overview of the bar you want to open, the local market conditions, and your strategy for success. Include the type of alcohol you will serve, food offerings, startup and ongoing costs, and expected revenue.
  3. Scout Your Location Things to consider when searching for the ideal location:
    1. Neighborhood acceptance – make certain a bar is welcome in the area
    2. Availability of a liquor license at that location
    3. Visibility / Accessibility
    4. Adequate parking
    5. Foot traffic
    6. Demand for your type of bar
  4.  Secure Funding Financing can come from many sources – bank loans, private investors, partners (silent or active), even family. If you lack either business or bar experience, seek a partner who can supply that knowledge
  5.  Apply for a Liquor License This process varies from state to state, and different municipalities have their own requirements. Contact the licensing department at the local city hall to find out the guidelines for your area.
  6. Cover Your Assets There is a lot of liability involved in operating a bar. To protect yourself and your property, you need to:
    1. Form and register your company. Consider filing as a limited liability company.
    2. Obtain insurance- property, liability, liquor liability, and Workers’ Compensation
    3. Apply for all inspections and needed permits
  7. Hire Your Staff Look for experienced staff, especially for your bartender. When your bar gets packed and hectic, you need someone who can remain cool and keep the drinks coming. Test prospects to make sure they are pouring accurate shots. An extra half-ounce on every shot will make a major dent in your bottom line.
  8.  Market Your Bar Let everyone know you are new in town. Advertise with local print and radio, send out flyers, put up a website, and use social marketing to build buzz for your bar. Offer opening deals on location-based services like FourSquare.
  9.  Have a Soft Opening Make sure your bar is at its best when you open for business. Hold a soft opening (open for a night for invited guests, with no fanfare) to iron out any last minute wrinkles.
  10. Hold a Grand Opening A grand opening is the perfect way to introduce your bar to the neighborhood! Go all out – hire a band if you have room, run drink specials, speed tournaments (if you have darts or a pool table), and have fun!

To ensure your bar runs smoothly, choose Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch POS for bars, designed to make bar ownership a breeze! Tabs, including customer name, can be started with the swipe of a customers’ credit card with Pinnacle’s POS for bar management, and it takes just two key strokes to order an item and cash out the check – fastest in the industry. The time and attendance features of Pinnacle’s POSitouch bar POS manage your payroll, and loss prevention features keep your register secure. Contact Pinnacle today at 800-771-7100 to find out all the ways Pinnacle can help your bar succeed!