Point of Sale System Repair Support

point-of-sale-system-repair-supportWhen your point of sale system needs a repair, every minute counts. An out of order POS system can bring business at your restaurant or bar to a screeching halt: servers are unable to send orders through the system, orders slow down, and guests’ checks become inaccessible. The majority of consumers now use debit or credit cards to pay for their transactions, so when payment processing is unavailable diners are unable to pay for their meals and drinks. The limited tech support many POS companies offer can put your profitability in jeopardy as you search for a third party POS repair company to help you, but at Pinnacle Hospitality Systems we have local, experienced support technicians available to repair your POS system at any time of day or night. Continue reading “Point of Sale System Repair Support” »

Restaurant POS Support

restaurant-pos-supportIf your POS system fails on a busy Saturday night, how much revenue will you lose before it is working again? If you purchased your point of sale system from someone other than Pinnacle Hospitality Systems, the answer may be a distressingly large amount. Hospitality businesses are at their busiest in the evenings and on weekends, but many POS tech support companies only work during standard nine-to-five business hours or tack on outrageous fees to service systems during the evening and on weekends. This can have a devastating effect on your bottom line, as you are forced to incur an exorbitant expense or spend the weekend losing sales and disappointing customers. At Pinnacle, we protect our customers from this predicament by providing expert restaurant POS support, available around the clock so we can be there when you need us the most! Continue reading “Restaurant POS Support” »

Restaurant Point of Sale Installation

restaurant-point-of-sale-installationLearning new skills “on the fly” or through a DIY (do it yourself) site can be a terrific way to spend your free time. However, there are certain situations where engaging an experienced professional is your wisest move, such as the installation of a new restaurant POS system. A fully-functioning point of sale system is essential for your restaurant’s success; any outages, glitches, or ‘snags’ in the system will cost you money you cannot afford to lose, in the form of wasted time, dissatisfied customers, and lost sales. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ team of highly skilled, knowledgeable representatives will protect your profitability by professionally installing your POS system, thoroughly training you so you are comfortable using all the features of your new POS, and providing ongoing support to ensure your restaurant stays working at its efficient best. Continue reading “Restaurant Point of Sale Installation” »

Restaurant POS Installation

pos-installationWhen choosing a point of sale system for your restaurant, there are many factors you need to consider. You know you need a POS system customized with features for your particular business, but have you given any thought to the installation of your system? Purchasing a cut-rate POS system that you have to install, learn, and service yourself can end up costing you a fortune in lost sales due to improperly functioning system components. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems takes the stress and guesswork out of installing a POS system by providing highly trained and reputable installation staff to guide you through the entire process of implementing your new system, and provide ongoing support to ensure you get the full benefits of every feature of your system in the future. Continue reading “Restaurant POS Installation” »

Restaurant POS Sales and Support

restaurant-pos-sales-and-supportChoosing the best POS system for your restaurant can be a difficult task. You face the challenge of finding a POS system with all the features you need to ensure your profitability today, while securing your establishment’s future success. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems takes the difficulty out of this decision by providing full service restaurant POS sales and support. We match you with the point of sale system that best fits your establishment, guide you through the entire process, and provide you with ongoing tech support to ensure your restaurant operates at its most efficient today and into the future. Continue reading “Restaurant POS Sales and Support” »

Restaurant Point of Sale System Service

Your point of sale system is the nerve center of your business, handling every transaction. What if your system goes down on a weekend?  Or at midnight, just as the crowd at your bar is in full swing?  Having trouble closing and getting those final reports at 4 am?  Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has you covered.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems offers full Service help desk support as well as technical support to all of our customers so that we can be available when you need it most! Behind each of our products stand dedicated services and support required to ensure proper function. Trust in our world-class services for all of your hospitality industry needs. Continue reading “Restaurant Point of Sale System Service” »

Branding With Mugs

Do you have Another Broken Egg mug from your favorite location?  With 20 locations this Destin, FL based breakfast and brunch specialist sell 22,000 mugs per year.  Each specially made coffee mug is branded with Another Broken Egg’s logo and an emblem of the town that is home to each individual restaurant. Customers have taken to collecting them from each location, paying $18 per mug. Continue reading “Branding With Mugs” »