POS Solutions Training Materials

pos-solutions-training-materialsPOS training is much like any other type of training; if you have engaging, knowledgeable instructors and access to the best training materials, you are going to get the most out of your training. Your point of sale system will affect every area of your restaurant’s operations, so it is imperative that you and your staff are familiar with all its features and are comfortable using them. When you purchase a POS solution from Pinnacle Hospitality Systems, you receive instruction from experienced professionals who use the latest POS training materials to ensure that everyone, from management to employees, understands and can confidently operate all the features of your new restaurant POS system. Continue reading “POS Solutions Training Materials” »

Branding With Mugs

Do you have Another Broken Egg mug from your favorite location?  With 20 locations this Destin, FL based breakfast and brunch specialist sell 22,000 mugs per year.  Each specially made coffee mug is branded with Another Broken Egg’s logo and an emblem of the town that is home to each individual restaurant. Customers have taken to collecting them from each location, paying $18 per mug. Continue reading “Branding With Mugs” »

The Three P’s of Local Marketing: Partnerships, Personal Selling and Public Relations

Mass media advertising can be expensive, and it’s not that effective for a small business.  Local store marketing is definitely the way to expand your brand name and business.  Using local tactics to build a strong and loyal customer base in the 3–5-mile trading area around your locations will have much more impact.  There are three primary elements of a good local-store marketing program: partnerships, personal selling, and public relations. Continue reading “The Three P’s of Local Marketing: Partnerships, Personal Selling and Public Relations” »

Reliable Support from Pinnacle Hospitality Systems

The Teppan grill is a very popular restaurant concept, and that’s apparent with the widely successful Kobe Japanese Steakhouse chain located throughout Florida. Serving steak, chicken and shrimp teppanyaki dinners grilled to perfection right in front of the customer, Kobe Steakhouse guarantees great food and great ambiance.

Kobe Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar has been a longtime partner of Pinnacle Hospitality Systems, which exclusively provides POSitouch restaurant pos systems in the state of Florida. POSitouch allows Kobe Steakhouse to run numerous restaurant promotions such as gift cards and rewards programs. The restaurant point of sale system keeps track of rewards points that customers earn towards free and discounted meals. POSitouch works seamlessly with Kobe Steakhouse for table seating management, labor scheduling and inventory control. During busy times like happy hour, servers can easily ring up customers and authorize credit cards quickly and efficiently.

POSitouch restaurant pos replaces cash registers to provide a smarter solution for restaurant management. The recent Alafaya location has installed POSitouch restaurant software, bringing Kobe Japanese Steakhouse up to ten locations currently in Altamonte Springs, Longwood, Kirkman Road, International Drive, Lake Buena Vista, Kissimmee, Clearwater, Tampa and Brandon, Florida. The owners of Kobe Steakhouse can rest assured that customer service will be available anytime, as Pinnacle Hospitality Systems offers 24/7 help desk support every day of the year – including holidays. There’s nothing like peace of mind knowing that in case of emergency, Pinnacle’s full service tech support will be on hand to diagnose, fix and install any necessary hardware. To learn more about Pinnacle Hospitality System’s tech support, visit http://www.pinnaclehs.com/techsupport.html.

Pinnacle Hospital Systems Gets a Grand Slam in Customer Service for Arenas and Stadiums

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems offers the best POS systems in Florida, Alabama, and throughout the United States.  With an efficient customer service team that is available 24/7, Pinnacle will individually custom an ideal point of sale system to meet the unique needs of your restaurant, hotel, or sports bar.  Whatever your hospitality business may be, Pinnacle has an option tailor-made for you!

With baseball season in full swing, Pinnacle also offers a top-notch POS system for managing arenas and stadiums across the country.  Pinnacle can configure a complete stadium/ arena hospitality solution by providing the necessary Dinerware software to manage bars, quick service, accounting, inventory, and even provide a wireless ordering system to cater to your skybox clientele.  We have the tools to help you enhance the experience of your sports-loving guests so they will enjoy a day or night at the ballpark this summer.

The bar feature of the Dinerware software includes the ability to name tickets with anything the bartender chooses and to open bar tabs with the swipe of a credit card.  Multiple bars can be accommodated and only two steps are required to sell a drink.  That means, in only a few simple steps, everyone at any given table may order another round of drinks with no confusion.

The quick service elements include a FastPay feature that allows you to close orders once payment is made.  Menu items can be added or modified on the fly and servers may easily take pre-orders and keep track of them with our unique list view.  Other special items make it possible for you to look up customers instantly by name, phone number, address, or email through an extensive customer database—so you can order a loyal customer their favorite meal or beverage with the touch of a button!  The intuitive user interface provides quick and easy access to all system functions and you can settle a ticket in as little as two touches.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems keeps arenas and stadiums dishing out food and drinks, so guests can quickly get back to the game.  For more details on how we can help your hospitality business score big with fans, call 1.800.771.7100!

Nightclub Management Software & Restaurant Software Solutions Increase Bottom Line Profits

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems provides nightclub management software and restaurant POS software that protects your profits.

Increasing the profit margins of bars, clubs, restaurants and other hospitality-based venues, POSitouch Fine Dining Solution and Dinerware Fine Dining Solution create a smooth flow of business operations for your restaurant on even the most busy times of business.  Customer service is improved thanks to a streamlining solution through this restaurant software.

Pinnacle offers software solutions for fast-service restaurants, fine-dining venues, bars, restaurants, nightclub software solutions, hospitality software for hotels, arenas, country clubs and even bowling alley solutions.

When your business compbines top-notch restaurant software like POS for nightclubs and POS for bars with durible hardware, your business gets an affordable, highly effective streamlined business solution.

Robust, tailored solutions are provided by Pinnacle for fast-service restaurants and Quick Service businesses, helping to increase efficiency and provide valuable ROI.  Pinnacle designs and installs a personally tailored restaurant POS system through POSitouch Quick Service software.

Membership billing software for country clubs is easily interfaced with POSitouch and Dinerware restaurant management systems, streamlining and simplifying the transaction process.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems creates hospitality software solutions for bars, hotels and more, offering a powerful program to interface with property management software systems seamlessly.

When hospitality businesses are able to automate daily business activities, the business finds success through the use of restaurant POS systems provided by Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions.

Restaurant Inventory Control and Inventory Management is made Simple with Pinnacle Hospitality Systems

Maintaining control of your restaurant or bar’s inventory has never been simpler than with POSitouch POS Inventory Management Software for hospitality-based businesses.

Restaurant software by Pinnacle Hospitality Systems offers Inventory management programs as well inventory tracking, which allows management access to data recorded to the system.  Easily retrievable, this data is especially helpful when calculating expenses and profits for purchases and inventory.

There are plenty of reasons to streamline your venue’s business operations by taking control of inventory management with POSitouchPOSitouch restaurant POS software is the most reliable hospitality and restaurant software system.

With some of the most innovative technological solutions available to the hospitality industry, POSitouch restaurant software gives your business a boost to increase your botton line profits and simplify business operations for both management and staff.

Restaurant POS software saves your restaurant or bar money and time, providing the ultimate in return on investment.  Pinnacle Hospitality Systems offers the ultimate streamlining solution in restaurant POS system. Whether the system is for a chain of corporate venues or a small independent operation, Pinnacle offers the premier streamlined hospitality business solution.

 Using this POS platform, management is able to compare a variety of inventory items, allowing them to recognize differences between transactions and inventory, or to find any other red-flag items requiring the attention of management. 

As the lead provider of restaurant point-of-sale systems in Alabama and Florida, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems provides restaurant software systems to help monitor data and employee activities. Pinnacle is the service provider of uncompromising POSitouch support, with an around-the-clock tech support team available year-round, every day for Florida and Alabama clients.