Feedback = Improvement

The best way to improve customer service is to improve your employees. Sounds simple but often managers do not know how to give an employee feedback.  Giving feedback both positive and negative is one of the most important things you … Continue reading

POS Restaurant Software Simplifies Restaurant Operations for Large and Small Businesses

Restaurant software such as POSitouch restaurant POS offers POS inventory management software, allowing restaurant staff and management to eliminate any guesswork related to restaurant operations.   POSitouch restaurant POS allows management to control restaurant inventory using precise data for product movement and expenses.  By doing so, restaurant staff and … Continue reading

Restaurant Surveillance for POS Systems Increases Bottom Line Profits

With the integration of restaurant surveillance systems, restaurant management is provided with high-quality digital video proof of theft and false accusations. Restaurant POS systems are powerful tools, and when supplemented with surveillance systems, restaurant management has the best security defense … Continue reading

Restaurant Software Key to Success in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry faces a number of challenges throughout any given business day.  No two days are the same, but there is a way to streamline and simplify operations.  Providing simple solutions for restaurants, bars, night clubs and more, Offering … Continue reading

Streamline your Restaurant Operations with POSitouch Restaurant POS Software by Pinnacle Hospitality Systems

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems provides a simple solution for restaurants, bars and other hospitality-related businesses to aid in streamlining hospitality business operations and increase bottom line profits. Pinnacle offers top-of-the-line streamlining solutions for hospitality businesses, whether they are small independent operations or part of a corporate … Continue reading

Streamline Operations and Increase Loss Prevention with POSitouch Restaurant POS Software

With the ability to be interfaced with Surveillance technology, restaurant software such as POSitouch POS systems provides restaurants with top-of-the-line security measures.  Hospitality management can view data in the POS system in timing with the digital surveillance.  Transactions, comps, sales, clock-in and … Continue reading

Restaurant Software and POS Systems Offer Streamlined Operations and Automation

As a successful restaurant POS software system, POSitouch restaurant POS systems are currently installed in more than 2,000 restaurants.  With a flexible nature, this POS system is flexible and customizable.  Restaurant and hospitality management have the ability to personally tailor system configurations to … Continue reading