Feedback = Improvement

The best way to improve customer service is to improve your employees. Sounds simple but often managers do not know how to give an employee feedback.  Giving feedback both positive and negative is one of the most important things you can do for your employees both individually and for your team as a whole. Employees need specific direction to do their job and to provide the customer service you want your restaurant to be known for. Continue reading “Feedback = Improvement” »

Do Not Be A Target of Cybercrime

Trustwave, a leading provider of information security and compliance solutions, published this week the Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report.   This report’s findings are based on more than 300 data breach investigations and 2,000 penetration tests performed last year by Trustwave’s advanced security team SpiderLabs. For the second year in a row, findings show the food and beverage industry is the top target for cybercriminals with 44% of investigations. This report states that industries with franchise models are most at risk in 2012.

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POS Restaurant Software Simplifies Restaurant Operations for Large and Small Businesses

Restaurant software such as POSitouch restaurant POS offers POS inventory management software, allowing restaurant staff and management to eliminate any guesswork related to restaurant operations.  

POSitouch restaurant POS allows management to control restaurant inventory using precise data for product movement and expenses.  By doing so, restaurant staff and management are provided with the highest advantage for running a hospitality business successfully.

One of the best strategies for a restaurant to use in order to protect profits and retain inventory is to control and monitor inventory.

Offering advanced Inventory Management Software, POSitouch POS software is perfect for restaurant POS systems.  This software implements  inventory tracking and inventory management, allowing your staff and management to store and retrieve important data on inventory and purchases.

 As the top provider for Alabama and Florida hospitality-industry restaurant point-of-sale systems, Pinnacle offers systems that track and account for daily business details with technology that records data to Read-Only Memory.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems provides simplistic solutions for hospitality industry-based venues such as restaurants, bars, clubs and country clubs.  Small independent restaurants and chain venues alike benefit from Pinnacle’s products.  Variance tracking compares employee POS usage with data such as inventory and sales on the system, allowing management to track changes or red-flag items.

Restaurant Surveillance for POS Systems Increases Bottom Line Profits

With the integration of restaurant surveillance systems, restaurant management is provided with high-quality digital video proof of theft and false accusations.

Restaurant POS systems are powerful tools, and when supplemented with surveillance systems, restaurant management has the best security defense against fights on premises, false discrimination, employee theft, and other harmful problems that are common issues for hospitality businesses.

As a highly effective loss prevention measure, POS systems such as POSitouch restaurant point-of-sale systems provide a variety of unbeatable security measures. These systems also provide advanced loss prevention strategies and streamline business operations, allowing employees to provide the very best in customer service.

While some individuals may look for security loopholes in a business model in order to steal or make false discriminatory claims, your restaurant, bar or club has a defense against these claims with POSitouch point-of-sale systems and restaurant surveillance.  

POSitouch point-of-sale systems streamline your business’ daily operations flawlessly, helping to prevent profit losses and theft while increasing your bottom line profits. POSitouch modules were strategically designed by engineers who have a background working in the hospitality industry.

POSitouch restaurant POS systems help you monitor all activities and account for daily transactions and sales. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is the lead provider for point-of-sale systems in Alabama and Florida, and offer a streamlining solution for restaurant management and bar management, whether it is for a small business or a large chain.   

Eliminate major sources of financial loss by monitoring your restaurant, bar or club with POSitouch restaurant POS systems.

Restaurant Software Key to Success in Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry faces a number of challenges throughout any given business day.  No two days are the same, but there is a way to streamline and simplify operations. 

Providing simple solutions for restaurants, bars, night clubs and more, Offering a simple solution for bars, restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality industry, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems gives restaurants a streamlined means for business operations that helps raise bottom line profits.

These systems work great with both small, independent venues as well as corporate and franchised operations. With plenty of reasons to take full control over your bar or restaurant’s inventory management and business operations, POSitouch restaurant software is the leader of quick-service technology in the hospitality industry. 

Offering uncompromising tech support, the POSitouch support team members are available to help you year-round, around the clock.  As a 24-hour tech support service provider, Pinnnacle services all clients in Florida and Alabama.

Pinnacle is the leading provider to Alabama and Florida for restaurant point-of-sale systems, and these POS systems account for business details and monitoring transactions, with data saved to Read-Only Memory. 

Inventory Management Software is available through Pinnacle Hospitality Systems to be used with POSitouch POS for restaurants.  Restaurant and Bar management can record and retrieve specific pieces of date through Inventory tracking and inventory management in regards to purchases and inventory.

Giving users the ability to completely remove the guesswork in restaurant management,POSitouch restaurant POS inventory management makes your job as a restaurant manager much simpler.  Using precise data, you control inventory, expenses, cost of materials and product movement.

Streamline your Restaurant Operations with POSitouch Restaurant POS Software by Pinnacle Hospitality Systems

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems provides a simple solution for restaurants, bars and other hospitality-related businesses to aid in streamlining hospitality business operations and increase bottom line profits. Pinnacle offers top-of-the-line streamlining solutions for hospitality businesses, whether they are small independent operations or part of a corporate chain restaurant or venue.  

Pinnacle is the the leading hospitality provider for restaurant point-of-sale systems in the states of Alabama and Florida, and provides Restaurant software solutions that help monitor and account for a variety of transactions and business details, and all data is saved securely on the system to a Read-Only memory.

Pinnacle also provides Inventory Management Software for POSitouch restaurant software.  Inventory management and inventory tracking provide management of hospitality businesses with the ability to record, manage, and retrieve precise data on purchases, inventory, employee clock-in and clock-out, sales, voids, deletes and more. 

POSitouch restaurant POS inventory management is the perfect restaurant software to give its users – restaurant management and employees– the ability to eliminate the guesswork in operating a hospitality business. Inventory can be controlled with exacting data regarding expenses, product movement and raw material costs.  This data gives restaurant management an advantage against competition in running a hospitality operation successfully and smoothly. 

With POSitouch, restaurant managers and owners are able to compare their tangible inventory against POS usage such as sales and other movements to determine issues requiring management attention, such as employee theft or other losses.  Purchase orders can be automatically generated based on minimum inventory level order points in the system.  Items on backorder or that have been delivered are trackable with a purchase order.

Streamline Operations and Increase Loss Prevention with POSitouch Restaurant POS Software

With the ability to be interfaced with Surveillance technology, restaurant software such as POSitouch POS systems provides restaurants with top-of-the-line security measures.  Hospitality management can view data in the POS system in timing with the digital surveillance. 

Transactions, comps, sales, clock-in and clock-out, voids, deletes and a number of other activities performed at the POS system are easily monitored. With this implementation, the amount of theft and wrongful accusations decreases, and your bottom line profits increase.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is a provider of hospitality solutions such as point-of-sale systems for restaurants, bars, clubs and more.

Located in south Florida, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems ofers point-of-sale solutions for businesses within the hospitality industry. Pinnacle  Pinnacle provides businesses in the hospitality industry with installation and servicing of restaurant POS, bar POS, point-of-sale systems for night clubs, country clubs, and hotels.  Performing beyond basic point-of-sale tasks, these systems can incorporate the best restaurant loss prevention and security in the hospitality industry.

By having the ability to track and measure your business’ profits, losses and progress, your POS system will help streamline the day-to-day operations of your business, increasing a flow of business and consistency.  With consistency in service and operations comes a stronger form of customer service, and in turn an increase in customer loyalty can be expected.

The integration of a POSitouch POS system for your bar, restaurant or club’s business model simplifies the structure of your business, simplifying the experience for employees and customers.

Implementing POSitouch restaurant POS systems with your venue, service staff and bartenders are able to provide consistent and quick service, helping to reduce the cost of labor while increasing your customer count.  POSitouch restaurant POS systems for bars and restaurants improves the profit bottom line, providing a smooth flow of business. In addition, security measures are simpler to monitor, with a number of options available for your restaurant point-of-sale system.

Software for security and restaurant loss prevention includes POSitouch restaurant POS systems. This restaurant software system is impossible to hack or be tampered with. All transactions on POSitouch hardware are written to electronic Read-Only Memory.