Sea Breeze Food Service Annual Food Show

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems was an exhibitor at the Sea Breeze Food Service Annual Food Show for the fourth year on Wednesday, April 10th at the Prime Osborne Convention Center in Jacksonville, Florida. The theme of the show was “Carnival of Savings”. The show and the booths were decorated like a carnival, there were balloons everywhere and there was a clown walking around. They had a customer cooking contest and door prizes were also given out throughout the day. There were several food and beverage vendors showing and giving out samples of their products to restaurateurs. This year was different as customers could place orders for up to six weeks of product at the show for a discounted price.  Continue reading “Sea Breeze Food Service Annual Food Show” »

Steps to Owning Your Own Restaurant

Have you dreamed of owning your own restaurant for years, but always thought it was out of your reach? Stop dreaming and take charge of your life! It will take hard work and dedication, but if you are willing to invest the effort and follow these steps to owning your own restaurant, within a year you could be serving your first customers!
1. Choose Your Concept Decide what your dining concept will be and whether you will open a franchise or independent establishment. The main dining concepts are:

  • QSR (quick serve restaurant) Features a limited menu of fast food items with minimal table service; typically franchises
  • Fast Casual Minimal table service; serving more upscale food than QSRs, such as gourmet style foods and organic ingredients
  • Casual Dining Moderately priced food with table service in a casual atmosphere; usually features a full bar with separate staff; limited wine menu.
  • Fine Dining Full service restaurant with defined courses, atmospheric décor, high quality food, with extensive wine list
  • Ethnic Menus consist of items from specific region: Italian, Thai, Mexican, etc.

2. Location Moving into a location that is already outfitted as a restaurant can save you money, but make sure you investigate why the last restaurant moved to avoid potential problems. Your ideal site will have:

  • Visibility / Accessibility
  • Foot Traffic
  • Ample Parking
  • Sufficient Size
  • Affordable Rent
  • Demographics that fit your restaurant concept

3. Write a Business Plan A detailed business plan will give you an overview of all aspects of your restaurant and local business conditions, and show potential partners and/or lenders the feasibility of your restaurant idea.
4. Obtain Financing Present your business plan to private investors and/or banks to secure financial backing or loans. If you raise the capital through partners, it is imperative to detail everyone’s rights and responsibilities clearly in a binding contract- even with family members!
5. Name Your Restaurant Choose a memorable, descriptive name that reflects your concept or incorporate your address / numbers into your name (ex. Prime 112).
6. Register Your Business Decide whether you will operate as a limited liability company, corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship, register with the state, obtain a sales tax number and an employer tax identification number (EIN).
7. Design Your Layout and Décor All the elements in your restaurant should work together – balance seating and kitchen space, ambiance, lighting, and music to create a welcoming, defined theme. Consider hiring a professional designer to actualize your concept.
8. Create and Price Your Menu This is the heart and soul of your restaurant – the food! Design a menu that embodies the theme of your restaurant. Scale the number of dishes you offer to what your kitchen can comfortably handle and set your food cost goal – generally somewhere between 26% and 33% – and strictly stick to it! Include every cost when figuring price, and vary your price points to bring in a wide selection of customers.
9. Equip Your Establishment If cash flow is an issue, consider leasing large equipment or purchasing refurbished equipment. Compare wholesale food vendors’ prices and services; set up credit and establish delivery schedules. Fully stock your bar and acquire approximately one week’s worth of food supplies.
10. Market Your Restaurant You should start marketing your business a month before your opening date. Introduce your business to the area with fliers, and invest in print and radio ads. Set up a website; use social media and location-based services to build customer interest.
11. Get Permits, Licenses, & Insurance Apply for whatever small business and health department permits are required in your area. Cover your business with property, liability, and Workers’ Compensation insurance (liquor liability if applicable).
12. Hire Your Staff Great service is imperative for building repeat customers! Ensure you have the staff your cuisine merits by:

  • Thoroughly screening applicants
  • Creating detailed job descriptions so all employees know their responsibilities and chain of command
  • Providing initial detailed training; maintain with on-going refreshers as needed

13. Hold a Grand Opening Advertise your grand opening and bring the customers in. Welcome to your dream venture!

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ restaurant point of sale systems can help you complete the steps to opening your own restaurant, and ensure smooth operations once you are up and running. Pinnacle’s Dinerware software are specially designed to meet the needs of all types of restaurants, whether you need a fast casual/ quick-serve POS, casual dining POS, or fine-dining POS. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 for more information on how Dinerware can help make your restaurant dream a reality!

Opening a Restaurant Business Plan

Congratulations! You have decided to open your own restaurant. Your next step is to write a business plan. For an entrepreneur opening a restaurant, business plans serve two purposes: first, to gain you a thorough understanding of your type of restaurant and local market conditions, and second, to demonstrate to lenders that you have a viable strategy for your restaurant. Your restaurant business plan will typically fall into one of three categories:

  • Quick-serve One of the biggest restaurant trends for 2013 is increased demand for healthy food choices, as consumers look for dining options that match their active lifestyles. Business plans for quick-serve restaurants often involve blending limited service or self-service features with healthy menu options. If you are new to the food service industry, a quick-serve franchise that provides a turnkey business plan may be the ideal opportunity for you.
  • Mid-scale If you have a specific culinary style in mind, you may find success with a mid-scale or casual dining establishment. Business plans for these types of restaurants generally involve investigating the demand for your particular cuisine in your desired location. Restaurants in this category often require a larger time commitment and increased funds for design, brand development, and marketing; plan accordingly.
  • Upscale Business plans for fine dining/upscale restaurants are the most complicated; if your concept includes a showcase location or celebrity chef, the complexity drastically increases. Upscale restaurants must deliver flawless service and exquisite cuisine to meet diners’ expectation of added value. It may take years of hard work to execute a particularly complex business plan for an upscale dining establishment.

When you are ready to open your restaurant, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has the best point of sale systems to help your business become a success! Pinnacle has turn-key restaurant software solutions for every type of restaurant, whether you need a quick-serve POS, casual dining POS, or fine dining POS. Pinnacle can integrate your point-of-sale, accounting, and inventory in a single easy to use interface, guiding you through the entire implementation process from system design to installation and training. Pinnacle’s restaurant POS systems put you in control of your hospitality business with Windows based, open architecture software that is simple to maintain, expand, and use for daily operations. Contact Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100 to help your restaurant become a success!

Award-Winning Miami Restaurants Deserve the Top POS

If you live in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area, it is time to vote for your favorite local businesses! TV Station WPLG  on Channel 10 is accepting votes for their Local 10 Top Ten on their website. We have some local favorites of our own who are up for awards – try one taste of their delectable fare and we are sure you will want to vote for them!

Prime 112 Restaurant is nominated as one of the award-winning Miami restaurants in a stunning four categories – First Date, Romantic Dinner, Seafood Restaurant, and Steakhouse! This comes as no surprise to those of us familiar with this celebrity saturated, upscale steak house and bustling bar owned by Myles Chefetz. Continue reading “Award-Winning Miami Restaurants Deserve the Top POS” »

Restaurants Going Gluten-Free

With over 3 million Americans who have been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and more than 18 million Americans who suffer from gluten-sensitivity all searching for gluten-free dining options, many independent and chain restaurants are adding to their menu choices to meet the demand. In our last blog we discussed the benefits and requirements involved in offering a gluten-free menu at your restaurant. If your restaurant is stepping up to the challenge, you have done your research, learned to prepare gluten-free items safely, and you are ready to offer your new menu items. Now, how do you help the gluten-free community find you? We have a few suggestions!

There are several  apps, websites and programs designed to connect restaurants with gluten-free customers. List with one or more to let gluten-free customers know you are ready to serve them: Continue reading “Restaurants Going Gluten-Free” »

The Best Restaurant Software System for Expanding Businesses

Another Broken Egg is expanding again! The 23-unit franchise of upscale breakfast, brunch, and lunch restaurants announced the signing of a landmark franchise agreement with Copia, LLC to open 16 of its restaurants in Indiana, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Additional possible locations include territory on the east coast. Continue reading “The Best Restaurant Software System for Expanding Businesses” »

Job Recovery Requires the Best POS System

The restaurant industry continues to lead the nation’s job recovery.  The National Restaurant Association new analysis shows that the restaurant industry continues to post solid job growth at more than double the rate of the overall economy. Since the employment recovery began in March 2010, the restaurant industry has added 645,000 jobs, including nearly 16,000 jobs in September.

Restaurants have been the third largest private sector job creator since the employment recovery began adding nearly 71,000 jobs in the third quarter, bringing the total number of industry positions created this year to more than 185,000. Continue reading “Job Recovery Requires the Best POS System” »