Restaurant POS Systems Brands

budget-pos-systemsAre you having a difficult time choosing a POS system for your restaurant? There so many different brands of restaurant POS systems on the market today that finding the one POS system that best suits your needs can seem like an impossible task. After hours spent paging through websites, comparing and contrasting the features of different restaurant POS systems brands and wading through hyperbole, you can end up more confused than when you began. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems takes the hassle out of choosing a restaurant POS system: we offer three of the most versatile restaurant POS systems brands on the market, providing all the relevant information in one place so you can easily make an informed decision. Which of Pinnacle’s restaurant POS systems brands is right for you? Read on to find out! Continue reading “Restaurant POS Systems Brands” »

New Restaurant Start Up Costs

new-restaurant-startup-costsDo you have the financial fitness to open your dream restaurant? While the much-quoted statistic that 90 percent of restaurants fail in their first year has been proven false, a significant percentage of new restaurants do fail during the first twelve months. For many of the restaurateurs struggling to keep their businesses afloat, the main problem is lack of sufficient operating capital. Problems arise from two basic causes: underestimating new restaurant start-up costs and expecting a new restaurant to show a profit too quickly. To ensure your restaurant venture is successful, you should have enough capital to cover your start up costs plus three to twelve months’ operating expenses. The following list will help you form a realistic estimate of the new restaurant start up costs you will face: Continue reading “New Restaurant Start Up Costs” »

Opening a Vegetarian Restaurant

opening-a-vegetarian-restaurantAre you a vegetarian chef eager to open a restaurant so you can share your cuisine and lifestyle with others? If so, 2014 could be the right time to follow your dreams! Over the past few years, public awareness of the importance of healthy food choices has grown exponentially, as has the demand for eateries that serve fresh, nutritious vegetarian meals. In fact, vegetarian fare tops the National Restaurant Association’s list of Hot Food Trends for 2014, which identifies locally grown produce, environmental sustainability, and vegetarian appetizers as some of the most popular trends. To help you on your way to vegetarian restaurant success, we offer the following checklist of vegetarian restaurant essentials: Continue reading “Opening a Vegetarian Restaurant” »

POS Accounting Integration

pos-accounting-integrationExperienced restaurateurs know that delectable cuisine alone cannot build a successful business. For your restaurant or bar to become sustainably profitable, you need to have a complete grasp of all financial operations. A POS system that is integrated with your accounting program will allow you to actively monitor and use all of your restaurant’s financial information to ensure your restaurant’s profitability. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ point of sale systems feature seamless POS accounting integration so you can keep track of the details of your restaurant’s financial performance and take meaningful action to direct the course of your business. Continue reading “POS Accounting Integration” »

Restaurant POS Evaluations

restaurant-pos-evaluationsChoosing a POS system for your restaurant can be a challenging task. As your point of sale system will affect virtually all operations at your business, your decision will have a profound impact on the profitability and ultimate success of your venture. The market is flooded with POS companies making inflated claims about the usefulness of their systems, but by carefully comparing the available features, you can winnow down your choices to find the POS system that best meets your needs. Consider the following factors when making your restaurant POS evaluations: Continue reading “Restaurant POS Evaluations” »

Restaurant POS System Review

monitorAre you having a hard time deciding which POS is the best choice for your restaurant? This decision requires serious consideration, as your point of sale system will be an essential component of your business, affecting virtually every aspect of your restaurant’s operations and service. While the web is full of myriad POS systems offering vague promises and rhetoric, sorting through them to find the POS system that offers all the features you need at a price you can afford is a challenging task. To make your decision easier, we provide a closer look at three point of sale systems from Pinnacle Hospitality Systems: Continue reading “Restaurant POS System Review” »

Complete Restaurant Management Systems

complete-resturant-management-systemsOperating a restaurant is an enormous undertaking, requiring owners to be in complete control of every detail of their establishment. You not only have to ensure every minute of your customers’ visits is enjoyable, you also need to make certain all the other aspects of your restaurant run smoothly. A full-featured POS can aid you in this task, acting as a complete restaurant management system by providing all the tools you need for your establishment to function at its efficient best. To qualify as complete restaurant management systems, point of sale systems need to offer the following features: Continue reading “Complete Restaurant Management Systems” »