Restaurant Surveillance Software

restaurant-surveillance-softwareAre you leaving your business dangerously exposed? Hospitality businesses face constant vulnerability to losses from employees and customers. These losses can take the form of employee and customer theft, false discrimination and liability claims, and property and personnel damage. Nightclubs and bars face the additional hazards intoxicated patrons can create. Stop the drain on your resources and reputation! A restaurant surveillance system can create a complete digital record of everything that occurs in your establishment, protecting your business from fraudulent claims and preventing the theft of your hard-earned profits. Continue reading “Restaurant Surveillance Software” »

Some Local Zest

Last week, Johnson & Wales University in North Miami inaugurated its Zest awards at a private reception. The university in partnership with Miami Magazine gave awards to local restaurants, chefs and other food and beverage professionals in five categories; culinary innovator, best restaurant 2012, newcomer chef of the year, baking and pastry innovator, top beverage professional and community nominee.  Winners were chosen by culinary instructors from the university, members of the university’s epicurean society and a food writer from the magazine. Continue reading “Some Local Zest” »

Feedback = Improvement

The best way to improve customer service is to improve your employees. Sounds simple but often managers do not know how to give an employee feedback.  Giving feedback both positive and negative is one of the most important things you can do for your employees both individually and for your team as a whole. Employees need specific direction to do their job and to provide the customer service you want your restaurant to be known for. Continue reading “Feedback = Improvement” »

Slip and Falls Losses

A new study commissioned by Cintas Corporation and conducted by Harris Interactive, found that nearly one in three American adults are unlikely to dine at a restaurant where someone they know had slipped and fallen.

David Collette, director of marketing and strategy for Cintas Foodservice, says slip-and-fall accidents aren’t just costly in terms of losing customers, but they can also potentially be costly in legal expenses. This is especially true for mom and pop restaurants or small chains. If a small restaurant gets sued for a slip and fall it can wipe out all of their profits for a year or more.

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Do Not Be A Target of Cybercrime

Trustwave, a leading provider of information security and compliance solutions, published this week the Trustwave 2012 Global Security Report.   This report’s findings are based on more than 300 data breach investigations and 2,000 penetration tests performed last year by Trustwave’s advanced security team SpiderLabs. For the second year in a row, findings show the food and beverage industry is the top target for cybercriminals with 44% of investigations. This report states that industries with franchise models are most at risk in 2012.

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How Video Tools Can Save You Money

You cannot afford to leave your business unprotected. By incorporating Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology, you can monitor everything that is going on in and around your store. It is common sense that DVR technology can be a great tool when it comes to loss prevention and employee safety. However, video surveillance can help you increase your profits and point out ways to streamline operations.

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Pinnacle Simplifies Operations for Hotel Restaurants

Pinnacle offers point of sale solutions for a variety of hospitality industries, including casual and fine dining, pizza delivery, quick service, country clubs, stadiums/arenas and more. The POSitouch hotel solution automates table service for hotel restaurants.

With POSitouch Table Service, interfaced with your hotel’s property management system, you are able to combine many separate functions into one easy-to-use system. It’s inevitable that diners will ask for separate checks, and with POSitouch, it can be done quickly and easily. Managers will love the ability to track voided and deleted items, as well as video security that allows for the viewing of items ordered. Banking can be set up to be done by a server or charged to the room, and the flexible menu and price functionality allows you to configure by workstation, day of week and time of day, a convenient feature for hotel restaurants offering happy hours! The user-friendly touch screen layout can be configured by button size and color, and starting an order is a breeze – simply enter the table number or select the table from a picture to begin an order. Enjoy quick, easy and organized order routing, a feature that combines like items and sends them to the appropriate prepping station (routing schemes may be altered at any time).

Pinnacle’s POSitouch hotel solutions help to make daily operations impressively efficient, allowing managers to keep a better handle on their restaurants. If the standard features included in the POSitouch Table Service for hotels weren’t enough, there are several optional add-on modules that further prove that this POS system is the best of the best. The Dining Room Management Module allows managers to configure the layout of the restaurant and to obtain tabletop updates with the touch of a screen, ultimately leading to an increased return on investment and higher customer satisfaction. To learn more about the add-on modules and other features for hotel restaurants, click here.

Numerous hotel restaurants have revolutionized their business with POSitouch. To find out how you can become one of countless happy customers, contact Pinnacle today at 1.800.771.7100!