Pinnacle Promotes Dinerware Restaurant Software to Streamline Bar and Restaurant Operations

Dinerware is a software program designed by restaurateurs who know the inner workings of the functionality required by bartenders and servers to make it through “the rush” with smooth operations and uncompromised customer service.  Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has a hands-on familiarity with the restaurant and hospitality system, and stands proudly behind all Dinerware bar and restaurant software products and POS for restaurants.

Dinerware offers a number of solutions that vary according to niche fields within the hospitality industry.  For instance, Dinerware bar POS and nightclub POS restaurant software provides a speedy two-step process for a drink to be ordered. This decreases the time your customers have to wait, and increases the quality of customer service your patrons receive.

Dinerware POS for bars also lets the bartender put in another round of drinks for a party of friends in just a few simple steps.  Dinerware POS accommodates to venues with multiple bars to help eliminate the confusion of orders and operations between two bars. The less mistakes your venue makes, the higher your bottom line increases.

Dinerware nightclub solutions allows bar staff to name a ticket based on the customer’s name or what they’re wearing. This bar POS feature is a necessity to streamlining your restaurant’s processes.

Dinerware offers a simple and quick employee training for this restaurant POS software, allowing operations in your venue to simplify by decreasing training time as well as the time it takes for your customers orders to complete.

Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions is a provider, installer and servicer of Dinerware POS systems.  Pinnacle can replace, install, and service restaurant POS and POS for bar.