Wireless restaurant POS options

From pizza delivery to an outdoor bar or nightclub, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has the ideal mobile POS system for your establishment.  Incorporating the right wireless solution for your hospitality-based business will speed up transactions, eliminate errors, and dramatically improve customer service standards.

With POSitouch restaurant point of sale systems, you have the freedom to design the fully functional wireless solution that will successfully drive your customer service and performance standards to the next level. 

Symbol handheld computers integrate seamlessly with POSitouch restaurant POS systems, for accelerated service and profits.  Mobile tableside ordering increases table turns by 40-50%, which translates to speedy service, satisfied customers, and more income for your staff.  More customers served at peak times creates a drastic boost to your bottom line profits, setting your hospitality-based business up for a productive and secure future.

Implementing a mobile restaurant POS system has been proven to increase sales by 10-15%, due the time saved by the device more customers are served, therefore more income reaches the bottom line!  The mobile POS system prevents employee errors to create the most pleasant guest experience possible, every visit.

Features of the Symbol hand-held computers include:

• Enhanced PDA-style form factor with optimal performance to operate enterprise-level applications
• Advanced data capture options
• Easy wireless local area network (WLAN) synchronization
• Device level management
• Wireless and security options
• More durable than a consumer-grade PDA
• Voice optimized design (VOIP)
• Choice of PIM and QWERTY keypads

Casual Dining solutions-simplify and save

Dinerware is a powerful restaurant POS system designed to help manage your casual dining restaurant.  When you choose Dinerware point of sale systems, you are selecting technology that will ensure your facility provides quick service through streamlined POS features.

Dinerware includes a FastPay feature that enables users to close orders once payment is made.  The user-friendly system allows tickets to be split easily and accepts multiple payments quickly for enhanced customer service.  Easily settle a ticket to cash in as little as two touches.  Users of Dinerware restaurant POS systems appreciate that menu items can be added or modified on the fly, alleviating many daily stresses of operating and working in a fast-paced restaurant.

The customer database allows users to look up customers instantly by their name, phone number, address, or email.  The system allows users to enter a regular customer’s special instructions with the touch of a button, saving valuable time and adding a personal touch for the customer.  Easily take pre-order and keep track of them with a unique list view. The intuitive user interface provides quick and easy access to all system functions.  Contact Pinnacle Hospitality Systems today to learn how you can improve your bottom line through a restaurant POS system.


Restaurant POS solutions for Country Clubs

The hospitality industry is a fast-paced world that must operate not only at the speed of life, but with seamless precision and attention to detail.  That is where Pinnacle Hospitality Systems enters the hospitality arena-with the highest standard in restaurant POS systems available on the market today.

A point of sale system is an asset to any hospitality-based business, and a country club is no different.  Country clubs are expected to provide top-notch service to their members and guests, whether it is in the dining area, poolside or at the bar.  A point of sale system makes it possible to ensure the best service standards are given to every member, every time.

You can even combine your POS system Table Service with an interface to the country club’s membership billing software.  The following features make POSitouch POS systems a premiere choice for your country club:

•    Create separate checks fast
•    Track voids and deletions
•    Configurable touch screen layout
•    Payments can be billed to member’s account, or completed by server
•    Flexible menu and price functionality enables configuration by workstation, date and time of day-ideal for happy hours
•    Bar terminals are available
•    Change routing schemes at any time
•    Automatic printer redirection
•    Expedite printer or video monitor display
•    Video security system interface allows you to record items ordered with video

Pinnacle goes GREEN

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is going green!  In continuous efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the environment, our quarterly newsletter will no longer be distributed in print form.  We will now feature a bi-monthly online newsletter that will be located on our website, www.pinnaclehs.com.  One lucky individual will win a $100 American Express gift card just by registering to receive the newsletter!

Beginning in December, our online newsletter will be distributed bi-monthly.  January 31st we will be having a drawing from the list of people who have registered for our newsletter; it is a simple way to keep updated with the hospitality industry and the perfect gift to take advantage of the post-holiday sales!

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is the industry leader in providing restaurant POS systems and software in both Florida and Alabama.  Our systems are green as well, with features such as paperless back of house options and ordering modules!  As technology advances, the environmental strain is decreased and business operations are continuously advanced, streamlining industries.  The latest of which is Ice Monitor, a technological advancement in digital surveillance.  Ice Monitor interfaces your POSitouch POS system with your digital surveillance system to provide real-time tracking capabilities, even remotely!

Visit our website today to register for our newsletter and discover more about how your hospitality based business can begin to improve its bottom line!

Dinerware & QuickBooks

Dinerware point of sale systems feature QuickBooks accounting interface.  QuickBooks accounting interfaces seamlessly with Dinerware point of sale systems, eliminating double entry issues.  The information entered into the Dinerware restaurant POS system is automatically logged into QuickBooks accounting system’s general ledger and accounts payable and accounts receivable are updated.  This system eliminates manual entry, which in turn improves efficiency and virtually eliminates transposition errors.

Quickbooks accounting interface is a financial management solution for your Dinerware point of sale system to assist you with getting back to business.  The challenges of tracking inventory, invoices, and accounting while balancing your valuable time needed for future growth and planning are eliminated with Dinerware restaurant POS systems

Dinerware keeps you organized from your bottom line to the top, compacting all of your financial information conveniently into one place.  With QuickBooks accounting interface, your customer, vendor and sales information are all available in one place, so no more digging through mountains of paperwork and wasting time! 

QuickBooks creates invoices, automatically pays bills and tracks expenses, and makes tax time a cinch!  There is no accounting knowledge needed to set up, learn or use QuickBooks accounting interface with your Dinerware POS system, as there are available coaching tips and a wizards guide to walk you through each step and answer any questions you may have.  Contact Pinnacle Hospitality Systems today to learn more about Dinerware restaurant POS systems and QuickBooks accounting interface.