Pinnacle Hospitality Systems Featured

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems was featured in the Ohio Restaurant Association News on February 1, 2012.  Pinnacle is the premier POSitouch provider for the foodservice markets in Ohio, Florida and Alabama. As a leader in the point of sale systems, Pinnacle understands the many pieces that fit into the profitability puzzle in a restaurant.  Pinnacle understands the value of POSitouch system over the traditional point of sale systems.

Pinnacle looks out for restaurateurs’ needs and offers products that aim to protect restaurateurs’ profits. One of the primary modules for its software is an Enterprise Package called iControl Enterprise Solution. iControl’s smart software integrates seamlessly with a restaurant’s POSitouch POS system to deliver up-to-date, relevant business information that keeps hospitality-based businesses on track and on budget. Continue reading “Pinnacle Hospitality Systems Featured” »

Tampa Bistro Chooses Pinnacle for Corporate Catering

Jackson Street Bistro in the heart of downtown Tampa opened April 2009.  Since their debut two years ago, Jackson Street Bistro has become a popular lunch spot for the wave of business professionals in the downtown area.  The extensive menu, consisting of healthy comfort foods, combined with the chef’s exotic twist on traditional café favorites, keeps their customers coming back for more.

The restaurant has an open-air Tuscan feel, offering indoor and outdoor seating.  It is common to see the office crowd conducting casual business meetings over one of JSB’s make your own salads, all made with a mélange of baby spring lettuces and served with a freshly baked muffin.  Corporate customers also take advantage of the free WIFI, multi-tasking over a smoothie, quiche or specialties like the Bistro Club, with grilled chicken, avocado, bacon, feta and a mango chardonnay.

JSB also makes it possible for guests to enjoy their fresh and delicious fare without even leaving their workplace.  Their catering business is just as popular as their bistro, delivering to many of the surrounding high-rise building offices.  They make cakes to order for office parties and even offer online ordering, making delicious take-out and delivery a little more convenient.  Gone is the greasy pizza of take-out past—replaced by JSB’s fresh, gourmet menu items like the pressed Cuban sandwich, with choice of seasoned waffle fries or pineapple raisin coleslaw, Italian meat-stuffed muffalata and a build your own bistro burger.

Restaurant proprietor Peter Pergola has made improvements to the menu over the past couple of years.  He has tailored his restaurant and catering business to the downsized economy without compromising flavor.  He has also made the foods that everyone loves lighter by swapping out heavy ingredients, like the breadcrumbs in their scrumptious meatloaf, with healthier substitutes, like oatmeal.

To keep their successful catering business and bistro operating to the best of its ability, Jackson Street Bistro chose Pinnacle Hospitality Systems for their POS system. As a premium dealer, Pinnacle Hospitality Systems installs single store iControl Enterprise management systems on every POSitouch system deployed. iControl Enterprise Solution is an internet-based enterprise reporting and communications tool specifically tailored for restaurant operations using the POSitouch point-of-sale system.  The low cost single store iControl version has a tremendous return on investment that can be easily accessed through the profits created through features such as loss control prevention, management alerts, payroll and accounting interfaces and more.  That means single unit operators can use the loss prevention and management tools developed for big chains, without the investment.  If you are looking for a POS system in Tampa, call Pinnacle today at 1-800-771-7100!