Cost of Opening a Nightclub

cost-of-opening-a-nightclubIs opening a nightclub the right investment for you? Nightclub ownership can be an exciting adventure, but it comes with a lot of hard work and a hefty price tag. Estimates for the cost of opening a nightclub vary from a low of around $200,000 to $1,000,000 or more, depending on a number of factors. The location you choose will have a significant influence on the final figure – the majority of your expenses, from your liquor license to your décor and rent, will be far less costly if you choose to open your nightclub in a small college town rather than in a heavily populated city with a sophisticated clientele. To help you determine if your nightclub dream is an achievable reality, we provide a closer look at some nightclub start-up costs: Continue reading “Cost of Opening a Nightclub” »

Best POS System for Nightclub

best-pos-system-for-nightclubOne of the most important decisions nightclub owners face is deciding which point of sale system to use. A POS system that is not designed specifically for nightclubs can destroy a club’s chance of success in several ways: by slowing bartender service, creating checkout bottlenecks that reduce the amount of drinks served, and leaving nightclubs vulnerable to employee theft that can ruin profitability, to name just a few. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch Nightclub POS ensures nightclub success by providing all the features nightclubs need to maximize their profits and minimize their exposure to losses. There are many factors that make Pinnacle’s POSitouch the best POS system for nightclub success, including: Continue reading “Best POS System for Nightclub” »

Steps to Owning Your Own Nightclub

Owning a nightclub often is seen as a glamorous occupation, where club owners spend their lives at one long party, tuned into the music scene and hanging out with the hippest crowd as they socialize for a living. While there certainly are perquisites to club ownership, there is also an enormous amount of knowledge and hard work involved. Are you up to the challenge? Read on to discover some of the necessary steps to owning your own nightclub.

Step 1: Learn the Business Work at a nightclub in several different positions; ideally, spend some time as a manager. There are aspects of running a club that no patron can pick up from frequenting a club – regardless of how much time she spends in one! Pay attention to the specifics – handling vendors, instructing security, negotiating with talent (band or DJ), setting prices, etc.

Step 2: Choose your Theme/Decor Select the theme and décor of your nightclub. Do you want a techno club, with pulsing lights and an outrageous sound system? Is a retro club more what you had in mind, with a house band? Maybe you want to open an intimate jazz nightclub. Choose a name and design a décor that reflects your theme.

Step 3: Check the Demographics Your theme must match local demographics for your nightclub to succeed. Visit your local chamber of commerce and get a copy of the demographics for your area. If the majority of residents in your area are senior citizens, a techno club with guest DJs is not going to flourish! Consider population density and the age and socio-economic status of residents when evaluating a potential neighborhood. If your area cannot support your chosen theme, change either your theme or your locality.

Step 4: Write a Business Plan Outline your business strategy, analyze the local market conditions, work out what your startup costs will be and set your prices. Present your business plan to investors and lenders to obtain financing.

Step 5: Find the Ideal Location The right location can make or break your nightclub. Make certain that a nightclub would be welcome in the area, and that a liquor license is available. Find out how many nightclubs and bars are nearby. While there can be an advantage to opening a location in a well-known entertainment district, too much competition can make it impossible to build a large clientele.

Step 6: Plan a Perfect Layout Do you want an outdoor deck to give overheated dancers a place to cool down? Are you looking for room for an extensive dance floor with a DJ station or band stage, segregated VIP areas, and a dedicated karaoke space, or are you planning a smaller, more intimate venue? Be patient and keep looking until you find a location that fits your needs.

Step 7: Pay Your Dues Newcomers to the nightclub industry often overlook paying royalties. If there is any music played in your nightclub (can a nightclub exist without music?) you must pay a licensing fee. ASCAP and BMI are the two main companies involved; contact both before you open for business. There are some exemptions available for food service and drinking establishments, so check to see if your business is eligible.

Step 8: Lights, Music, Action! Lighting and sound systems are essential parts of a nightclub. Purchase an intelligent lighting system with a variety of lights – a full set of RGB flood lights, strobes, scanners, and even a few high end lasers (if they fit in your budget) that can be programmed to change for different songs/beats. Have a technician design your sound system to produce a balanced, blanketed sound for your club.

Step 9: Choose Pinnacle’s Nightclub Software The right point of sale system can help ensure your nightclub is success. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ POSitouch nightclub POS is specially designed with rolling minimum drinking age shown on screens and 55 menu items on one screen with check on display – the most available in the industry. Pinnacle’s nightclub software solutions speed service by consolidating like items to give bartenders a quick count of items on the check and offers left or right handed screens for quick bartenders’ access. Contact Pinnacle today at 800-771-7100 to find out the many ways that Pinnacle’s nightclub management software can help you find your own nightclub success!

Best Nightclub POS System

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Mixed drink sales overall rose by 1.9 percent while sales of cocktails that are associated with a specific flavor showed twice that growth, increasing by 3.9 percent last year. Continue reading “Best Nightclub POS System” »

Dinerware Restaurant Software POS System Helps Bartenders Stay in Control of the Rush

Offering a personalized experience to your patrons is top priority for any hospitality business. Dinerware nightclub solution allows bartenders and service staff of a restaurant or bar to assign unique names to tickets on orders by the guest’s name or by typing in a visual description.  This restaurant software feature is an asset during the rush or at a bar where guests are walking around and a seating chart is not an option to create and organize guests on the POS. 

Dinerware bar POS and nightclub POS software makes a simple two-step process of creating and closing a drink order.  This means the customer doesn’t have to wait, and has a more satisfactory experience. into a simple two-step process.  Dinerware POS for bars also allows bartenders and restaurant service staff to ring up rounds of drinks for a party in a minimal amount of steps. 

If your club, restaurant or bar has a number of bars, you can connect the data and information from each bar with Dinerware POS, helping to eliminate confusion and allowing customers to continue ordering drinks and to close out their tab at any of the bars.

Offering the functionality required by bartenders in order to maintain organization and control of the bar and point of sale area during busy times, Dinerware restaurant software provides simplified training for restaurant employess on the restaurant and bar software, helping to streamline operations and decrease customers’ wait time between orders and deliveries of the order. 

While the potential exists for customer service to dwindle during a busy rush, there exists a solution to keep bar and restaurant staff up-to-speed with the fast-paced atmosphere.  This is important to retain customers and gain repeat business, and Dinerware provides the perfect restaurant software and bar software solutions to keep operations flowing and running smooth regardless of how busy and packed your venue becomes.

A provider and installer of Dinerware POS systems,  Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions  offers 24-hour tech support for restaurant software systems.  Pinnacle can supply replacements, installations and general services to your restaurant POS systems and POS for bars.

Dinerware Bar POS Software Connects Multiple Bars, Simplifying Rush Times

Customer service is a valuable asset to any hospitality business, and one of the most challenging times to offer the best customer service is when a rush comes.  All staff is occupied with a number of tables and tasks, management is doing its best to be everywhere at once. 

Although customer service has the potential to suffer during a rush, there’s a solution to help your bar or restaurant staff keep up with a fast-paced setting.  keeping up with the pace is imperative in retaining repeat business, as well as making new customers want to return.  Dinerware offers a software solution to help your hospitality business stay organized and keep operations flowing, no matter how busy the venue is.

Dinerware offers simplified employee training for restaurant software, which streamlines your business operations and decreases wait time for customers between when an order is made and when the food or beverage arrives. Dinerware restaurant software provides the functionality bartenders require in order to stay organized and in control when the bar gets busy.

Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions provides and installs Dinerware POS systems, and offers around-the-clock tech support for these systems.  Pinnacle replaces, installs and services restaurant POS systems and POS for barsPinnacle knows the ins and outs of the hospitality inudstry and stands behind all Dinerware products and services.

By using Dinerware nightclub solution features for bar POS software, bartenders can name tickets uniquely by the patron’s name or a simple visual description. This feature is an asset during rush times or when patrons are mingling and creating a seating chart on the system isn’t an option.

Dinerware bar POS and nightclub POS software turns a drink sale into a simple two-step process.  This decreases customer wait time. Additionally, Dinerware POS for bars makes it easy to ring in additional rounds of drinks for a party in just a few steps. If your venue has multiple bars, Dinerware POS connects the bars and tabs to eliminate confusion.

Pinnacle Promotes Dinerware Restaurant Software to Streamline Bar and Restaurant Operations

Dinerware is a software program designed by restaurateurs who know the inner workings of the functionality required by bartenders and servers to make it through “the rush” with smooth operations and uncompromised customer service.  Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has a hands-on familiarity with the restaurant and hospitality system, and stands proudly behind all Dinerware bar and restaurant software products and POS for restaurants.

Dinerware offers a number of solutions that vary according to niche fields within the hospitality industry.  For instance, Dinerware bar POS and nightclub POS restaurant software provides a speedy two-step process for a drink to be ordered. This decreases the time your customers have to wait, and increases the quality of customer service your patrons receive.

Dinerware POS for bars also lets the bartender put in another round of drinks for a party of friends in just a few simple steps.  Dinerware POS accommodates to venues with multiple bars to help eliminate the confusion of orders and operations between two bars. The less mistakes your venue makes, the higher your bottom line increases.

Dinerware nightclub solutions allows bar staff to name a ticket based on the customer’s name or what they’re wearing. This bar POS feature is a necessity to streamlining your restaurant’s processes.

Dinerware offers a simple and quick employee training for this restaurant POS software, allowing operations in your venue to simplify by decreasing training time as well as the time it takes for your customers orders to complete.

Pinnacle Hospitality Solutions is a provider, installer and servicer of Dinerware POS systems.  Pinnacle can replace, install, and service restaurant POS and POS for bar.