Theft Prevention

Pilfering and theft in the workplace can be very costly in the hospitality industry.  The problems produced by theft in the workplace are not as simple as currency or items taken.  Time spent tracking items and people deduct productivity from a business that could be devoted elsewhere.  Before a business even becomes aware of it, theft could be costing it a large percentage of profits or funds needed to keep the business afloat, and robbing it of time to focus on growth and change.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems offers solutions to this growing menace of theft and pilfering in the work realm.  A point of sale system includes tracking modules that create accountability for items, cash and employees.  Operations are logged automatically, and include time, date and user.  The tracking and accountability alleviate time and efforts spent by management, and prevent most forms of workplace theft. 

Employees are far less likely to be dishonest when they are being monitored and everything is accounted for with quality hardware and software.  The work environment is more pleasant, and management can streamline and improve business operations when their time is freed up to focus.