New Restaurant Start Up Costs

new-restaurant-startup-costsDo you have the financial fitness to open your dream restaurant? While the much-quoted statistic that 90 percent of restaurants fail in their first year has been proven false, a significant percentage of new restaurants do fail during the first twelve months. For many of the restaurateurs struggling to keep their businesses afloat, the main problem is lack of sufficient operating capital. Problems arise from two basic causes: underestimating new restaurant start-up costs and expecting a new restaurant to show a profit too quickly. To ensure your restaurant venture is successful, you should have enough capital to cover your start up costs plus three to twelve months’ operating expenses. The following list will help you form a realistic estimate of the new restaurant start up costs you will face: Continue reading “New Restaurant Start Up Costs” »

Restaurant POS System Review

monitorAre you having a hard time deciding which POS is the best choice for your restaurant? This decision requires serious consideration, as your point of sale system will be an essential component of your business, affecting virtually every aspect of your restaurant’s operations and service. While the web is full of myriad POS systems offering vague promises and rhetoric, sorting through them to find the POS system that offers all the features you need at a price you can afford is a challenging task. To make your decision easier, we provide a closer look at three point of sale systems from Pinnacle Hospitality Systems: Continue reading “Restaurant POS System Review” »

Restaurant Point of Sale Installation

restaurant-point-of-sale-installationLearning new skills “on the fly” or through a DIY (do it yourself) site can be a terrific way to spend your free time. However, there are certain situations where engaging an experienced professional is your wisest move, such as the installation of a new restaurant POS system. A fully-functioning point of sale system is essential for your restaurant’s success; any outages, glitches, or ‘snags’ in the system will cost you money you cannot afford to lose, in the form of wasted time, dissatisfied customers, and lost sales. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems’ team of highly skilled, knowledgeable representatives will protect your profitability by professionally installing your POS system, thoroughly training you so you are comfortable using all the features of your new POS, and providing ongoing support to ensure your restaurant stays working at its efficient best. Continue reading “Restaurant Point of Sale Installation” »

How to Choose Restaurant POS Software

How to Choose Restaurant POS SoftwareChoosing a point of sale system for your restaurant can be a difficult and even intimidating task. The point of sale system you choose is going to be a part of your daily operations for years to come, so it is important to find a system that meets all your needs, at a price you can afford. It is true that your POS system will play a pivotal role in the success of your restaurant, but learning how to choose restaurant POS software is not as hard as you may fear. To make this task easier, we have prepared a list of questions to use as a guideline when choosing point of sale software for your restaurant: Continue reading “How to Choose Restaurant POS Software” »

The Best Bakery Deserves the Sweetest POS

It’s official! This month Folio Weekly announced that Edgewood Bakery has won their “Best in Jax” award for best bakery. The awards, voted for by readers of the magazine, celebrate the best that Jacksonville has to offer. Voters praised this local treasure and its concoctions, one lauding it as a “one stop satisfaction for the senses.”

Edgewood Bakery has been tempting visitors for 65 years with their delectable selection of pies, pastries, old-fashioned cookies, petit fours, and cakes. Their scrumptious cakes delight the eyes as well as the palate, with fanciful designs for every age: pirate chests, wild animal, and happy sea scenes for the little ones; Mad Hatter teapots, TiKi Heads, and sophisticated sweet 16 cakes for teens; and Vegas slots, topsy-turvy layer, and even camo deer stand cakes for adults. Continue reading “The Best Bakery Deserves the Sweetest POS” »

Is Your Restaurant POS System Going Pink?

How are you showing your community that you care?  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; a perfect time to bring attention to a great cause and your restaurant. Fazoli has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to raise awareness and funds by creating a limited time only Pink Italian Lemon Ice. This lemon ice will be featured at participating Fazoli’s restaurants throughout October. The limited time drink is just $1.99, with $1 of the purchase price going to support NBCF’s mission to save lives through early detection.

Cathy Hull, Fazoli’s chief marketing officer, is pleased that Fazoli’s could support this important cause.  “We all know someone whose life has been touched by breast cancer and we at Fazoli’s are proud to help heighten the awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection,” says Hull. Continue reading “Is Your Restaurant POS System Going Pink?” »

Job Recovery Requires the Best POS System

The restaurant industry continues to lead the nation’s job recovery.  The National Restaurant Association new analysis shows that the restaurant industry continues to post solid job growth at more than double the rate of the overall economy. Since the employment recovery began in March 2010, the restaurant industry has added 645,000 jobs, including nearly 16,000 jobs in September.

Restaurants have been the third largest private sector job creator since the employment recovery began adding nearly 71,000 jobs in the third quarter, bringing the total number of industry positions created this year to more than 185,000. Continue reading “Job Recovery Requires the Best POS System” »