Stop Punching! A Restaurant Software System With a Card Less Loyalty Program

How is your loyalty program?  Are you still offering paper punch cards?  Paper punch cards still make up a significant portion of the means by which restaurateurs reward customer patronage.  Paper punch cards provide no accurate way of tracking customers – you only know when someone held on to the card long enough and remembered enough times to actually earn the reward.

Magnetic strip cards provide significantly better tracking of customer behavior, the customer needs to carry it and remember to use it.  Customers either forget to bring them in or hold up your lines while searching through their purses looking for the little card so you can stamp it, punch it or swipe it. Continue reading “Stop Punching! A Restaurant Software System With a Card Less Loyalty Program” »

Connect to Facebook through Your POS System

Do you have your restaurant on Facebook?  If not you should, it is a great way to build up your awareness with core customers and it is an introduction to those guest’s friends. Smaller, upstart restaurants need to use social media to compete with the established chain brands.  In this high tech society of ours social media is one of the best places to spend your advertising dollar.

Upstart restaurant brands like Toppers Pizza and Lenny’s Sub Shops have to compete against industry giants like Pizza Hut and Subway for sales, and Facebook likes.  They may not beat the giants in total likes but when the likes are broken down per store they are beating the competition. Continue reading “Connect to Facebook through Your POS System” »

A Restaurant POS That Can Handle the Heat

This summer’s historic drought will send food costs skyrocketing; it is just a matter of when and how much. While restaurants have grown accustomed to absorbing food-price swings, operators say this summer’s drought may force them to pass on some of the burden to customers.

This historic drought decimated the soy and corn crops throughout the Great Plains. Wary of high feed costs ranchers sold off cattle and pork setting up the potential for high meat prices down the road as livestock supplies wane.  Beef is one the biggest concern as is a main ingredient in many items on most restaurant menus. Continue reading “A Restaurant POS That Can Handle the Heat” »

Use Your Restaurant Software Systems for a Good Cause

Looking for a great way to boost your restaurant business and help end childhood hunger in America?  Join Dine Out For No Kid Hungry a national fundraising campaign that runs September 16-2, 2012. Share Our Strength’s Dine Out For No Kid Hungry has a turnkey cause marketing program that’s easy for independently owned restaurants and single-unit franchisees to execute and bring employees and customers together around a cause that touches every community: Making sure every child in America gets the healthy food they need, every day.

More than 16 million kids in America cannot count on getting the food they need. That’s 1 in 5. In 2011, more than 5,500 restaurants raised nearly $2.4 million dollars to support No Kid Hungry, Share Our Strength’s campaign to end childhood hunger in America. Continue reading “Use Your Restaurant Software Systems for a Good Cause” »

Use Your POS System to Connect With Customers

Cheese Burger in Paradise is celebrating the summer with the Concoct a Colada Contest. Fans can go online and enter their own creative twist on the tropical staple for a chance to win an all-inclusive trip to Jamaica.  Each recipe that is submitted will receive an emailed coupon for the next visit so every recipe is a winner.

“Cheeseburger in Paradise is known for unique cocktails with an innovative culinary twist,” says Casey Barile, Cheeseburger in Paradise director of marketing. “We want to see what our fans would do if they could make their own version of our popular pina colada drinks. This is a fun way for them to show us something new and different.”

Four coladas will be selected from the entries and placed on a special insert during the month of August; customers can order a finalist and vote using the “text the winner” code or visit the website. Continue reading “Use Your POS System to Connect With Customers” »

Restaurant Solution – Connect Online

For an owner of a restaurant, creating an effective online marketing campaign is not an easy task. Your time and energy is usually spent in the kitchen. But you need to cultivate relationships with your customers online through websites and social media. Here are five tips for restaurant owners who want to improve and expand their presence online.

1. Build mobile websites.  Sixty nine percent of mobile phone users access the web daily from their smartphones which is why your website should run quickly on these mobile devices.  Often expensive websites with moving buttons and Flash content do not work on these devices.  A simple website that is easy to update and access is your best option.  If you use a point of sale system like Pinnacle Hospitality SystemsDinerware Online Ordering be sure to feature it on your website so your customers can order take out or delivery from their smart phone. Continue reading “Restaurant Solution – Connect Online” »

Restaurant POS Software

In celebration of National Small Business Week, PostNet is holding their second annual Boost This Biz campaign. One deserving restaurant owner could be awarded a $5,000 grant and $10,000 marketing makeover.  The first round will take place on PostNet’s Facebook page.  The five entries with the most votes by June 8, 2012 will move on to the final judging round, where an impartial panel of fellow entrepreneurs will choose one grand prize winner. The remaining four finalists will each receive a $200 American Express gift card.

How is your restaurant’s marketing campaign going?  Are you taking advantage of the customers you have to grow your business?  With Pinnacle Hospitality System’s Sundrop mobile loyalty solution we can boost your biz by helping you can bring your customers back in. Continue reading “Restaurant POS Software” »