June 9, 2009

Disney’s latest culinary destination implements green point of sale terminals

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems has been improving the hospitality industry for over 20 years through strategic point of sale control and optimization. Pinnacle leads the way inrestaurant POS software, hardware, solutions and service-providing the hospitality industry with the most user-friendly and effective point of sale interfaces available today.

E-Brands is a multi-concept group of over 17 unique restaurants with a focus on stellar food and service. Currently E-Brands owns and operates six Timpano Chophouose and Martini Bars, 3 Samba Rooms, 1 Taqueria Canonita, 3 Aquaknox, 1 David Burke, 1 Salsa Orlando, 1 Canonita Express , and the much anticipated addition to Disney’s Orlando cuisine-Paradiso 37.

Utilizing POSitouch POS products provided by Pinnacle Hospitality Systems, E-Brands has also begun to incorporate green POS monitors, the first of which will be used in Paradiso 37’s Disney location. The J2 650 provided by Pinnacle will save energy and money for Paradiso 37.

The J2 touch screen monitor includes environmentally friendly features similar to the power-saving technology found in laptop computers. The units are equipped with an energy-saving “green mode” that switches the fans off and lowers the Intel Celeron Core processor speed down to 1.0 GHz, reducing power consumption by up to 25 percent!

E-Brands utilizes their POSitouch restaurant POS system in most of their locations, opting for seamlessly implemented digital surveillance strategies, labor scheduling, depot service for out of state locations and other money and time saving tools provided by the POS software. Anthony Gomez , Director of IT for E-Brands had the following to say about Pinnacle and POSitouch,

“We currently have Pinnacle/POSitouch systems from Texas to Chicago to D.C. to Florida. The level of support is far superior to our legacy product. We call one number for any problems, anywhere. Pinnacle is actually interested in helping us maintain our systems at the most economic manner without sacrificing service. We switched to Pinnacle in 2005 for new sites and are replacing the previous POS as needed. Labor cost and loss prevention has been improved significantly.”

For more information on Pinnacle Hospitality Systems, E-Brands restaurant concepts and locations or j2 green monitors, call 800-771-7100.

About Pinnacle Hospitality Systems

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is your complete business solution. Pinnacle will help you improve your bottom line not only with proven computer hardware and software designed for the hospitality industry, but with unmatched business consulting and accounting resources. Pinnacle can integrate your point-of-sale, accounting, and inventory in a single easy to use interface. Automation in hospitality, be it a restaurant pos system, hotel pos system, or even stadium pos system, is vital in maintaining a thriving business. Automation is the future, and Pinnacle can take you there. Pinnacle products and service include POSitouch, Dinerware, IControl Enterprise, ICE Monitor Integrated Video Surveillance, Mercury Payment Systems Credit Card Processing, Givex Gift & Loyalty, Epson Printer Sales & Repair, Pinnacle Anti Virus software, On-Line Ordering, POSitouch and Dinerware 24/7 Help Desk and On-site field computer service repair.


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