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Alabama Restaurant POS System

Quick Service Restaurant

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems can provide your restaurant with a wealth of options to automate your business and increase your profit margins.

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Tampa Restaurant POS System - The Rack

Sports Bar

Pinnacle will improve the operations of your sports bar by integrating the bar service and table service to provide a complete sports bar solution.

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Orlando Restaurant POS System - Flippers Pizza


From independent restaurants to chain restaurants, Pinnacle has the solution to fit your needs and budget.

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Yogurt Shop POS


Pinnacle Hospitality Systems offers complete turn-key packages for the frozen yogurt industry. Our Calypso yogurt shop solution has an easy to learn touchscreen interface and is scalable to handle single or multiple locations.

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Jacksonville Stadium POS System


Pinnacle can configure a complete stadium/arena hospitality solution by providing the necessary hardware and software to manage bars, quick service, accounting, inventory, and even provide a wireless ordering system to cater to your skybox clientele.

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Miami Bar POS System - Mojito Bar at Havana


Pinnacle leverages the power of POSitouch to provide you with the ultimate in bar management software capabilities.

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Restaurant POS System - Stout

Irish Pub

Pinnacle’s point of sale systems are easy to train employees with and will simplify your business operations and decrease the amount of time a customer must wait, which will lead to a good reputation and fun atmosphere for many years to come!

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Bowling POS System


Pinnacle can configure a complete Bowling Center hospitality solution by providing the necessary software to manage bar area, quick service, accounting, inventory, and even a wireless ordering system to cater to all of your clientele.

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Enterprise Solutions


Enterprise Solutions 
POSitouch has a world class enterprise offering that integrates with the store solution

Enterprise Solution features include:

  • Configuration Management - Centrally manage all stores' POS databases to compare and report on differences in products, menus, prices, tax rates, hardware configurations, and more
  • Scalable Solution - The flexibility of the enterprise solution allows for any enterprise architecture to be accomodated. Entities can be configured as one to many for corporate entities that have one headquarters and many stores, as one to many to many for franchisees that have headquarters with many franchisees and franchisees with many stores, or any other combination that could be put in place by a chain restaurant.  
  • Customizable Configuration - The flexible nature of the system allows for clients to customize the configuration of the system to fit their corporate structure. Whether you want to have a common database across all stores, enact regional changes, or have a different database in every store, the POSitouch Enterprise Solution can accomodate your needs.
  • Data Migration - Sales, labor and inventory data from the store can be extracted automatically and migrated up through the tiers of the enterprise.
  • Data Warehousing - Store level data can be warehoused at any tier of the enterprise.
  • Field level security - Data is secured from the database level all the way down to each field within the system
  • Product Launches - New products can be electronically distributed from the enterprise level, distributing new menu items and prices
  • Data Analysis - Compile data from all stores to determine which items are selling best and returning greatest profits