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Ben Richardson, VP of Operations for Flipper's Pizzeria, in Orlando, FL, chose Pinnacle Hospitality Systems to provide the point of sale system for the busy restaurant. POSitouch has enabled the pizzeria to better compete, ensuring accuracy with customer orders which creates higher customer satisfaction overall.



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Daytona Restaurant POS Systems

With 12 restaurants and counting, Flipper’s Pizzeria needed a reliable point of sale system in Daytona for their growing business. Pinnacle’s POSitouch for restaurants helps customers like Flipper’s Pizzeria increase profitability by tracking item sales trends, food cost analysis and labor management. "It improves the lives of restaurant managers when everything is documented and accounted for," said Richardson.

Richardson stresses his appreciation for the superior customer service he enjoys, including on-site support. “Pinnacle has helped our business with accountability,” said Ben Richardson, VP of Operations for Flipper’s Pizzeria. Pinnacle helped analyze the restaurant’s needs and provided 24-7 support throughout the entire process. “I would recommend Pinnacle to any other restaurateurs because the level of service they provide is unmatched by any other POS sales company in the area or in the country,” Richardson said, “Pinnacle has taken us to the next level as a business that can compete nationwide.” Pinnacle Hospitality Systems offers a variety of hospitality POS systems in Daytona.

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