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POS Systems in Panama City

This popular Lousiana-style restaurant and bar stays busy just about every day of the week. When it came time to choose a point of sale system to handle all the daily operations, F&B Manager & Owner Doug Mitchell chose Pinnacle Hospitality Systems – “We selected Pinnacle because of the service,” he said, “[they] were always on top of it when we needed them.”

Panama City Restaurant POS Systems

Before Mitchell chose POSitouch, he notes that Pinnacle provided other services to their company, leaving a lasting, positive impression. “One way that Pinnacle has helped our business is by bringing us out of the Stone Age and into the future,” explained Mitchell. “We went from 27 terminals that were free-standing to a network of integrated systems, including credit cards and all the features that speed you up and save you money.” Mitchell also mentions that Seville has increased profitability by being a much more efficient company, citing the integrated credit card system, high-speed internet and faster transaction times. Not only has Pinnacle helped speed up operations, they have helped the restaurant with loss prevention and cost control – “We added a surveillance system a few years after we got our POS system, and it has helped tremendously, keeping employees honest, as well as our guests.” Pinnacle has also helped eliminate profit killers, including time taken to train new employees. Mitchell notes how easy the touch screen system is to teach and learn, speeding up the training process. “I’d recommend Pinnacle to other restaurateurs because of their experience; they’ve been in the business for years, they’re stable, solid, and they’re not going anywhere,” he said. Mitchell concludes the interview by stating that “What it comes down to is customer service,” and that in order to be the best competitor, it’s essential “to partner up with great companies like Pinnacle.” If you are searching for a POS system in Pensacola, contact Pinnacle today.

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