What is a Restaurant POS System and How Can it Help?

There used to be a very specific sound associated with making a sale; the distinct cha-ching of a cash register popping open and slamming shut. These days you don’t see (or hear) too many old cash registers at Fort Lauderdale bars or restaurants anymore as most have switched to easy and convenient POS systems. For those that don’t know, a restaurant POS system is the computerize register a server uses to submit your order, calculate your total and process your payment information should you swipe plastic rather than pay with cash. POS systems streamline the time spent for servers who need to process orders quickly and efficiently, particularly when things get busy. When your employees waste time and energy working with an old, outdated system, it directly translates to less revenue in your pocket. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is a leader in affordable bar and restaurant POS software and can help establish a single, easy to use interface with features designed by those with knowledge of the industry.

For a causal dining restaurant, Pinnacles’ POSitouch system is the perfect fit. With installations in both small, local restaurants as well as major chains, Pinnacle’s software is some of the most convenient and easy to use on the market today. POSitouch systems can take the most tedious activities for servers and take care of them without issue; such as splitting checks, voiding orders, selecting tables and more. The touch screens feature customizable layouts, icons and buttons for convenience and appearance. A Pinnacle system is great for bars or restaurants with flexible menus as it’s easy to update happy hour prices or input the daily specials.

When it comes to restaurant point of sale software, convenience and efficiency is important, but security is also a major concern for business owners. With credit card security at the forefront of the POS system debate these days, working with a company like Pinnacle is a great way to ensure your clients are protected from theft. Pinnacle works closely with every client when installing and training employees on each system as well as the stressing top safety recommendations for keeping credit card information secure. A POSitouch system from Pinnacle combines custom hardware and software to create a secure method of payment processing. Pinnacle’s commitment to security means helping every client remain vigilant against outside threats. Contact Pinnacle Hospitality Systems today and learn more about installing an inexpensive POS system in your Fort Lauderdale restaurant.

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