Our Culture

From the beginning, we’ve wanted Pinnacle to be different from other service companies. Different in how we treat our customers, different in how we work with each other, and different in the results we achieve. These differences are best captured in our 27 Fundamentals that are the foundation for our unique culture.

Our Fundamentals serve to guide our team through every step of our business processes – whether it’s in Sales, Installations, or Accounting, each team member knows what is expected of themselves and what to expect from others. And our customers can expect the same level of consistency whether they are calling in to the Help Desk or working with Sales Representatives and Installations Specialists.

As Pinnacle grew, so did the need to create a work environment that offered consistency in the way business would be conducted, and to develop a feeling of inclusiveness across the company’s growing number of offices. With that in mind, we began hosting an annual kick-off event to recap on the previous year’s achievements and to get fired up for the year ahead. Team members meet in Fort Lauderdale to participate in training sessions, industry-related seminars, and team-building activities. It is a hands-on conference that not only showcases new technology and trends in the point of sale industry, but also brings together team members from every office to encourage strong working relationships through fun and informative group activities.

The Pinnacle Way is more than simply a set of rules – It is our culture. Our Fundamentals are woven into everything we do, from hiring to coaching and everything in between. It is this foundation that has contributed to Pinnacle’s success by allowing the company to expand while continuing an unwavering commitment to exceeding customers’ needs.

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Pinnacle started here in Fort Lauderdale, January 16th 1989 and we've been in the point of sale business since then, we've grow to offices in Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Pensacola, and we've also moved up into Ohio, Alabama, and Pittsburgh. Pinnacle is a 7 by 24 support agency, so we have a 7 by 24 help desk so when things happen in the restaurant, which could be a computer malfunction, could be how do i do something, or maybe the credit cards aren't working, they can call in 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and talk to a live person. We also have field service located throughout our areas, where we have a technician who can come on-site, give a loaner terminal, replace something, or fix it that day. There is never a dull moment working with the restaurant industry. We love working with all different types of restaurant groups and the independent  restaurants as well and we have multiple really great solutions to help them protect their profits. I love working with the FRLA, I love being on the board. We feel like we really are able to make an impact with everything, from offering scholarships to students that are coming up through into the hospitality world to making great friends and meeting a lot of different restaurant groups out there. Our old point of sale system took forever to fix anything. We were on the phone hours just to fix the printer because it wasn't connecting to the POS, or something like that. Pinnacle customer service it's fast, efficient, anything we need they solve right away, so we're really happy. We are very honored to accept the Supplier of the Year award. I think it's awesome! I'm even happier for Don because this has really been his baby with Pinnacle, he started it 30 years ago, and now, just to be highlighted for that, I'm very happy for him. I'm happy for our team and I'm glad to be right there beside him.