Our Culture

From the beginning, we’ve wanted Pinnacle to be different from other service companies. Different in how we treat our customers, different in how we work with each other, and different in the results we achieve. These differences are best captured in our 27 Fundamentals that are the foundation for our unique culture.

Our Fundamentals serve to guide our team through every step of our business processes – whether it’s in Sales, Installations, or Accounting, each team member knows what is expected of themselves and what to expect from others. And our customers can expect the same level of consistency whether they are calling in to the Help Desk or working with Sales Representatives and Installations Specialists.

As Pinnacle grew, so did the need to create a work environment that offered consistency in the way business would be conducted, and to develop a feeling of inclusiveness across the company’s growing number of offices. With that in mind, we began hosting an annual kick-off event to recap on the previous year’s achievements and to get fired up for the year ahead. Team members meet in Fort Lauderdale to participate in training sessions, industry-related seminars, and team-building activities. It is a hands-on conference that not only showcases new technology and trends in the point of sale industry, but also brings together team members from every office to encourage strong working relationships through fun and informative group activities.

The Pinnacle Way is more than simply a set of rules – It is our culture. Our Fundamentals are woven into everything we do, from hiring to coaching and everything in between. It is this foundation that has contributed to Pinnacle’s success by allowing the company to expand while continuing an unwavering commitment to exceeding customers’ needs.

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Hey team Pinnacle. MJ here. We're at Kickoff. Today is the first official day at the Riverside Hotel and I have with me, Mr. Adrian Clarke from our Support Desk of course. Adrian, how is kickoff going so far?Oh man, this kickoff is pretty fun.I mean you know we have kickoffs every year, but this year was different.Everyone was able to get their point of view out and speak straight and that was one of the strongest things.Even though it is not the fundamental of this year, it was very strong. Food is good.Love the energy, love the vibe as always. What more can I ask for?Awesome, good, well I'm glad you are having a good time. And what's one bit of info that you've learned today? I have learned of the progress that we've made over the past year.I know that we've been improving, however once they listed out, I was like really.It's a lot of changes. A lot of changes.I'm so excited for 2019, I just can't wait.Yeah, we've been very busy, so yeah, hopefully it keeps going.Alright, we'll go back in and enjoy. Thank you so much Adrian. Bye.