Mission Statement

It is the mission of Pinnacle Hospitality Systems to provide the hospitality industry with the best technology and business tools to help them achieve maximum profitability and customer service. At Pinnacle, our aim is simply to simplify your daily business dealings. We provide more than point of sale operations from leading industry trusted brands-we offer a business solution to fit every hospitality industry requirement.

Our background is in the hospitality industry, and it is for this reason we are able to anticipate and understand completely the technological needs and point of sale requirements of your business, and provide you with the best technology to build a solid business solution and foundation that is uniquely tailored to fit your company and its needs. Not only do we provide our clients with superior hospitality industry tools, software and services-we do it with unsurpassed industry expertise and experience.

CEO Don Potter explains,
"We do not expect you to buy anything until we show you how to pay for it".

Don explains that Pinnacle provides a no obligation analysis to pinpoint where you are losing the most money, and approximately how much. We show you how to improve your bottom line to improve profits and show you what your return on your investment will be. Pinnacle provides a business model where all units of your point of sale system and dealings are connected as opposed to disconnected; meaning that all parts of your system are interfaced together to function as one.

We tackle the industry issue of loss prevention through providing the best in digital surveillance technologies. Ice Monitor digital surveillance interfaces with POSitouch point of sale systems to provide the industry standard in loss prevention and surveillance strategies.

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems is your industry solution to maximizing through-put, speed of service standards, and ultimately enhancing the overall customer satisfaction and experiences of your patrons. Pinnacle is the answer to connecting your Restaurant/Hospitality based business with its financial statements through our 'one entry' system. This invaluable and unique system records with one entry the information entered into your point of sale system directly into your interfaced accounting system, seamlessly connecting your POS system with your accounting in order to eliminate accounting errors and save invaluable amounts of labor and time!

The right point of sale system for your business will implement features tailored to your specific needs. Choose from features such as custom order entry, take out/delivery modules, fast bar operations and nightclubs, paperless kitchen monitors, recipe management, gift card loyalty programs and so much more!

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems provides powerful industry tools to ensure the productivity and future wealth of your business. Through our continuous dedication to improving industry standards-we are continuously upgrading to remain abreast all technology advancements in the hospitality industry to provide the utmost in business solutions.

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We provide clients with superior industry tools, software & services with unsurpassed industry expertise and experience.