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6 Reasons Why Restaurants Need SkyTab

  • February 24, 2020


See how this powerful tool can supercharge your business.

Your business is your life. You built a team of hardworking, reliable, and knowledgeable staff members. You curated a creative menu that uses fresh, local ingredients. You know every last detail of your restaurant. But what if you could do more?

What if you could increase operational efficiencies, collect tableside payments securely, and build a targeted marketing database? You can do all of this and more with SkyTab.

Increased Operational Efficiencies

SkyTab is a mobile powerhouse that allows your team to easily deliver flawless service to your customers by giving them the ability to send orders to the kitchen and take payment without ever leaving the table.

Think about it. How many steps does it take for a server to go to a table, take an order, walk over to the POS terminal to enter the order and send it to the kitchen? A lot! Now imagine if that same server had a SkyTab device and could simply enter the order and send it to the kitchen without ever leaving the table. There would be a lot less back and forth between terminal and table, and more time spent with customers.

Secure Payments

The intuitive and user-friendly software of SkyTab seamlessly integrates with your POS system giving your team the power of a countertop terminal in the palm of their hands. Combine this with the trusted security of Shift4’s payment processing gateway, and you have a dynamic tool that instantly increases your team’s productivity and provides your guests with peace of mind knowing their transaction is secure.

These days, credit card fraud is of great concern. Guests often feel at risk when their card leaves their sight. With SkyTab, their card doesn’t need to leave their hand. Guests can insert their card directly into the SkyTab device and complete the payment transaction without the server leaving the table. They never part with their card and their payment is securely processed through point-to-point encryption.

Splitting the Check Just Got Easier

Dividing the payment for a night out is common practice but can often become a complicated process. And these days, customers don’t carry exact change when going out to dinner. In a world where card and digital wallet payments reign, SkyTab allows guests to easily split payment of their check.

When closing out a guest check on SkyTab, the server is given two options: Pay in Full or Split Payment.

To split payment, simply enter either the amount for each portion or the number of ways to split, and SkyTab does the rest. No need to reach for a calculator or try to remember how to do long division. SkyTab’s intuitive software does the work, making your server more efficient while delivering an improved experience for your customers.

Reduce Unnecessary Waste

Tableside ordering also greatly reduces the chance that an incorrect order will be sent to the kitchen. Fewer mistakes reduces food waste thereby reducing unnecessary food costs to account for those mistakes.

What’s more, SkyTab’s ability to provide paperless receipts – sent via text or email – reduces paper waste as well as the need to order extra receipt paper. This eco-friendly feature is good for the environment and good for your bottom line.

Address Guests’ Concerns in the Moment

With SkyTab, you can receive instant feedback from guests and alert management when a patron isn’t satisfied. Customers rate their experience when closing out their checks. If their rating is sub-par, the management team can be alerted via text, then address the customer’s concerns before they leave the restaurant.

Resolving a negative experience before it turns into a negative review can go a long way with your patrons. In many cases, dissatisfied customers will turn to online rating platforms, such as Yelp, to leave negative reviews after having a not-so-great experience. By addressing their concerns before guests leave can greatly reduce the likelihood that they will post a damaging review online.

Build a Marketing Database

Additionally, SkyTab allows you to collect customer email addresses that you can use to build a marketing database and increase repeat business. Use this database to send customized promotions and share events that will entice customers to return to your restaurant.

With SkyTab, you can build upon the business you’ve already created by improving processes and increasing guest satisfaction, all of which work to strategically increase your top-line growth.


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